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Some game players have opted for Pokemon GO instead of Clash Royale, but with the impending big update scheduled to happen this September 2016, it may see those who had lost the memories of Clash Royale consider coming back.

In the same way Supercell plans for an update of the Clash of Clans, there is the need for this developer to make quick actions try and lure gamers back to the Clash Royale. In a recent announcement, Supercell hinted that it was going to make a great deed of an update to its Clash Royale, and that’s not too far – it’s happening this September.

Among the changes expected in the big update are such as joining the tournaments and obtaining Legendary Cards. Presently, it costs $5 each to join a tournament in the game. Many game players have been asking if the amount could be lowered or earned as the plays progress.

And considering that Supercell is known for listening to its gamers, since the players aired their views and requests, this could be one area the update may be tackling. After all, the fading memories of the game to the gamers could mean that Supercell has to use every strategy to bring them back including lowering the cost of joining a tournament.

Supercell may be going to bring New Legendary cards with the lowered costs of purchasing the cards. In August, Supercell comes up with New Balance update, which will affect features that create the game balance. These features include speed, costs, hits points, damage per radius and others. It is now possible to mute communication between opponents.

Previously, Supercell did not entertain the discussions of turning off emotes, but recently, the developer made a change to this. This is indeed a good idea, and it ensures that the gamers get the best experience when playing the game. On top of that, Supercell plans to add new emote features.

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