Big Ramy’s Demonstrated His Great Transformation

Big Ramy has always been huge, thinking his size can be an important privilege. Nevertheless, the bodybuilding giant didn’t manage to win the desired title. Moreover, Ramy lost his second place, finishing Olympia with the fifth best result in 2018.

Big Ramy has been advised to revise his training approach in order to lose some mass and to make his body look more shredded. While many fans of the sportsman never believed Big Ramy would change his training philosophy, the sportsman decided to listen to sports experts.

After Ramy changed his coach, sports club, and a country of training, everyone understood this year we are going to see an absolutely new variation of Big Ramy. Ramy tried to intrigue his fans, revealing only a part of his plans.

It was expected that Ramy would demonstrate his achievements at the 2019 Olympia contest. However, the sportsman shocked his followers, telling he had to miss the 2019 contest due to health issues. Later Ramy tried to calm his fans down, explaining that they still have a chance to see him at the bodybuilding stage. Nevertheless, the sportsman decided to be silent about the name of the contest he is preparing for.

Moreover, Ramy decided to show his current physique and posted some actual photos. It’s visible that the bodybuilder has changed greatly. Ramy still looks massive, however, it’s easy to notice that he became smaller in size and leaner than he used to be a year before. Ramy did a great job improving his proportions.

No doubts, Big Ramy looks great. However, we still can only guess whether his new transformation helps him to reach his aim and become the Olympia winner in the future. 



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