Saturday, May 8, 2021

Big Ramy Started His Actor’s Career

Big Ramy is a very popular sportsman with the incredible body and great proportions. He’s a real muscle monster loved by the sport’s fans. Ramy has often been one step apart from the victory, however, he has never tried the Olympia crown on.

People often think that hard work and strong determination will lead Big Ramy to the Olympia top. However, the reality can be very different from the expectations. Perhaps, Big Ramy will always stay the ‘number two’ Olympia competitor and will never get the desired title. This already happened to other sports stars like Kevin Levrone or Kai Greene.

Last year was a real shock for Big Ramy. He dropped down to the fifth place taking part in 2018 Olympia, instead of getting the expected victory that was predicted by many sports experts. However, 2018 also became a reason for many great changes in Ramy’s life.

The sportsman left Kuwait where he was training, terminated contracts with his coach and club. Big Ramy left everything to come back to his Motherland in Egypt. It could look like the end of his professional career, however, it turned out to be a new beginning of it.

Big Ramy changed everything from the country of training to the coach he works with. He had to discover new ways of training and new strategies for building more shredded body. However, that’s far not all.

It looks like Big Ramy is also concentrated on alternative variants of developing his career. Just a few weeks ago the sportsman signed a new contract with a supplement company. Moreover, Big Ramy got interested in cinematography and decided to work as an actor for a new action movie.

Andrew McKenzie a popular filmmaker posted some interesting pictures of Ramy in the process of making the film. While there are no details about the future movie, we can only guess who is Ramy’s character in the movie and what the film is about. Fans of the sportsman are eager to know more and to see their idol on a TV screen.  

“Probably the biggest pro bodybuilder on the planet. @big_ramy. Awesome guy. ” (Instagram Andrew McKenzie @andrewstunts)

“@big_ramy making me look skinny….” (Instagram Andrew McKenzie @andrewstunts)

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