Big Ramy has never won the Olympia contest, however, he has already become one of the best bodybuilders in the history of the sport. Ramy is a real muscle beast. His great genetics and his fair devotion to the sport made him look incredibly massive.

People love watching Big Ramy on the stage as he differs from most other competitors. He’s visibly bigger and he definitely has that type of charisma that makes the bodybuilding community want him to take the Olympia crown.

2018 was, perhaps, the most difficult time in the sportsman’s career. Ramy expected to win the competition or to take the second place as it was in 2017. However, the bodybuilder showed an upsetting result and finished the contest being fifth. That was a very painful loss.

Ramy looked totally embarrassed. He terminated contracts with his coach and his sports club. He also left Kuwait where he used to train and traveled to Egypt where he was born. It looked like the end of Ramy’s career. However, it was only the beginning…

Ramy started his way to the desirable victory again. Now he found a new place for training in Dubai, signed a contract with the new club and one of the most popular coaches Neil “Yoda” Hill. Moreover, the sportsman changed even his training strategy and eating habits. Some insiders have repeatedly told that Big Ramy planned to appear smaller, leaner, and more shredded in 2019.

There are too many changes as for a year. However, Big Ramy is ready for even more new turns in his career. He informed that he signed a new contract with supplement company Dragon Pharma.

That’s a big move for Big Ramy, however, the event has greater meaning for the supplement company itself. It’s their first contract with a sports star of the top level and first time of working with someone as popular as Big Ramy is.


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