Saturday, May 8, 2021

Big Ramy May Miss The 2019 Olympia Contest

It looks like Big Ramy is on kind of a cold streak. His painful loss a year ago could ruin the career of the sportsman. Despite all the troubles and great emotional stress, Ramy managed to stay motivated and made some serious changes in his life and his training routine. That was a very brave decision, however, we still don’t know whether it was the correct one.

The bodybuilder made his fans intrigued and excited, promising them to show his new and seriously upgraded physique in 2019. While thousands of sports fans are eager to see Big Ramy at the Olympia stage, it looks like it may not happen this year.

A few weeks ago it was reported that Ramy was seriously injured. Some unofficial sources  told that the sportsman’s injury was so bad that he would not be able to train and compete in the nearest future. That could possibly mean that the sportsman is going to miss 2019 Olympia.

Big Ramy reacted to the news quickly. He tried to calm his fans down, explaining that such news was nothing but a groundless rumors. Due to Ramy’s explanation, he was injured, however, he managed to recover quickly and didn’t have to stop his preparation for too long.

Words of Big Ramy sounded like 100% true, however, now his fans started to hesitate whether the sportsman was sincere. The reason is a long silence of Big Ramy. Until now, the bodybuilder has not appeared in any show and is still not qualified for the upcoming contest.

Probably, the reason for that is an injury or other health issues of the bodybuilder. Until now the sportsman didn’t give any official explanations about the situation.

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