Saturday, May 8, 2021

Big Ramy Is Getting Ready To Compete

Big Ramy is, probably, the greatest mystery of the year. The sportsman reported he changed simply everything in his training routine, chose another coach, gym, and even steroids, that help him to keep low abs fat. All this to win the Olympia contest.

Fans of the sportsman were eager to see his final physique, counting days till the 2019 big competition. However, this year Ramy is out of the Olympia contest. This news is another reason for Olympia ranking to become significantly lower and definitely a cause of Ramy’s fans disappointment.

Finally, Big Ramy gave his fans a reason to be happy. He will compete this year and is already preparing actively for his future contest. While the sportsman can’t take part in Olympia, there are other pro competitions where we can see him in the nearest future.

Unfortunately, Ramy (who is a big fan of keeping people intrigued) hasn’t revealed the name and date of the contest, promising the information will appear on his profile later. The coach of the sportsman told that Ramy was 9-8 weeks apart from the contest and currently this information is the only clue to guess where we will see Big Ramy competing. 

Fans of the sportsman are trying to predict which contest Ramy will participate in. Williams Fitness has collected all available information to report the news and support it with expert comments. 

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