Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Big Question: Will Dan Christian Join The 2020 Olympia?

Dan Christian is making some important steps on his way to success. The sportsman is preparing to compete at the Romania pro, where he will meet real bodybuilding monsters like Juan Morel or Regan Grimes.

No doubt, Dan has Great potential, real bodybuilding talent, and his hands are well shredded. However, the sportsman is still very inexperienced and he may face huge stress, challenging veterans of the sport. In addition, Dan Christian can’t continue training with his former star coach Dorian Yates. That is a huge minus at the time when his career is just starting up.

Despite all these issues, the bodybuilder looks bald and confident. He has definitely learned something from Dorian Yates who was supporting and training Dan for several years. Yates always appeared extra confident, standing on the stage, and it looks like Christian plans to act in a very similar way.

While his future competition won’t be easy, it may bring him a lot of benefits and may become a ticket for the 2020 Olympia in the case he is as good as he is trying to look on social media. In any case, seeing the sportsman at the Romanian contest is a great opportunity to understand what his level and potential are.

Being quite a new player and a dark horse, Dan may turn out to be a very serious Olympia contestant. Who knows, maybe soon we will witness the debut of the future Mr. Olympia.


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