Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Big PR by Kate Nye- 319lbs/145kg Jerk

A Team USA weightlifter Kate Nye had a personal records week. And she seems unstoppable.

Her weight is 71 kg now and she moved to that category in 2018 after IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) introduced new weight classes. Right after that, Kate became a Junior World Champion and Pan American Champion.

Next time, we are going to see Kate at the Pan American Games in Lima (Peru) later this month, from the 26th of July till the 11th of August. During this week, Kate was preparing for the competition and showed her Instagram followers her new jerk PR of 319lbs (145kg). Here is what she wrote:

145kg/319lb for a big jerk PR. Must be from all the tips I’ve been getting from the jerk queen Alyssa Ritchey.

However, this is not the only PR from Kate. Earlier this week, she set up a 400lb squat and a five rep max of deadlifts at 352lb.

But what is even more incredible, her new PR is much heavier than the competition max clean &jerk. Back in May, Nye clean & jerked 137kg at the Junior World Championships and won Gold. Her total of 246kg helped her set Junior and Senior Pan American Records and Junior and Senior American records.

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Passion. One week out.

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Alyssa Ritchey, Kate’s USA weightlifting teammate who competes at -49kg got tips for the clean & jerk from Kate Nye on her Instagram post. Her 107kg clean & jerk was her new Senior American record.

Let’s hope for the best for Nye at the competition later this month!

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