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Written by Scott Robert

Big little lies ! An HBO broadcasted miniseries, dark comedy drama, very close to what happens in reality, the question here is why it is so much in the news ? here is the answer ! and after reading these few lines you are going to hurry to watch the full episodes ( if you haven’t watched yet!) . HBO series have all always been attractive but this one with a rating of 8.7/10 has attracted the viewers a lot . The point to be mentioned here is that this series is based on the novel written by  LIANA MORIARITY.  She has so skillfully depicted the story which sways through our hearts, which is so thorough the no one can resist it ( even i can’t).



  BIG LITTLE LIES comprises of 7 episodes which make it easier for the viewers to watch. Just 7 episodes? Yeah! But once you have watched them you feel like a whole concept depicted so briefly.  BIG LITTLE LIES  started in January 2016 and ended yesterday with a bang ! These 7 episodes tell us the story of mothers of first graders, whose apparently life unravel to the point of murder. The whole series is full of complicated scenes ; the type of scenes who make you say ” OH MY GOSH!”. As it is a mysterious murder story it fulfills all the demands to entertain its viewers. The director David E Kelly has used the utmost skills to make BIG LITTLE LIES the best of its types. Another main point about BIG LITTLE LIES  is its cast , which adds to its quality . Reese witherspoon, Nicole kidman and Laura Deen all of them are Oscar winners or nominees. They have crossed their limits in making this successful .



Reese Witherspoon has been hailed as the Queen of Hollywood after the success of BIG LITTLE LIES. This series ended last night with an epic beach scene. That scene just took off the show. It just summed up the concept of HAPPY ENDING. After the finale of  BIG LITTLE LIES  a mainstream question is in the news over and over again . That is ” are we going to have a season 2? ” Actually this is a question worth asking for . It hit my mind too. Many dialogues are now on the table regarding this. As this is a murder based series and there is a chase of WHO KILLED WHOM?  people are wanting more and more of it ( including me ) . The recent dialogues in the news are that the director David K Kelly says ” I guess people should end this according to their imagination. This is so perfect why add a sequel and spoil it ? “. Seems like the director is reluctant to make  a sequel but here comes another buzz which hits on the point that Miss Witherspoon which also the executive producer of BIG LITTLE LIES  apart from being the actor she is in the court of bringing up the season 2. BIG LITTLE LIES  has very boldly depicted a woman’s experiences as a wife and a mother so , the leading actress wants to bring up more of this on the screen.

BIG LITTLE LIES Reese has been saying in the live Instagram session on Friday that she is looking forward to it . Yet! nobody has said NO to her . Just wait and watch what more has to come ! Taking you back to the main event on the news; The finale of BIG LITTLE LIES . If you have’nt watched it , GO FOR IT NOW. It is a food for thought . Although the series creator who is also the hand behind Ally and The Practice is fond of cat fights yet he had done a splendid job in BIG LITTLE LIES  making it different than the other by ending it with an imperfectly perfect beach scene.

Without any doubt,  BIG LITTLE LIES  is a great success. All other controversies and dialogues will proceed as it is in the news these days . The main question whether there will be a come back for BIG LITTLE LIES  will be answered soon !.


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Scott Robert

Scott Robert is the senior reporter for JBH News Games & Tech section. He is graduated from York College, City University of New York in 2012.