Iron Man 4 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

Even that there is no confirmation about this, a Master Herald´s report suggest that in the “Iron Man 4” movie, we will have a new and younger Iron Man. The new Iron Man would be played by Ty Simpkins, who was the Downey Jr´s co-star in “Iron Man 3”. The role played by Simpkins in that movie, was that kid who became friend with Tony Stark.

Iron Man 4 will be released in 2019, but until now nor had Marvel or Disney no commented on this big news. If this results to be true, Ty Simpkins will be much older when the movie starts the production. Even Though Simpkins is a young actor; there are some movies where this kid has already had big appearances, as in “Insidious” and “Insidious 2”. He is also known for the movie “Jurassic World.”

For most of the fans of this films, this is simply too hard to believe that Robert Downey Jr will not be the lead actor in the 4th movie of this Saga because they are used to the see Robert Downey Jr playing this character in his very own way. Even that there is no evidence of this, and that other plots are surrounding this movie, there is nothing else disturbing more to the fans, that the idea that Ty Simpkins will assume the primary role instead of Downey Jr in “Iron Man 4.”

But until now all the fans have is that they will have to wait until Marvel or Disney comment on the production of this new Movie of the Iron Man Saga.


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