Beverly Direnzo Passed Away: One Of The Brightest Female Bodybuilders In The World Died At Age 49

Unfortunately, the bodybuilding world will always remember this year as a time when lots of great and talented people passed away. Recent news about Beverly Direnzo’s death shocked her fans and many friends. Veteran bodybuilder, talented performance, influencer, and inspiring coach is not with us anymore.

Beverly started her career in sports as a gymnast. She managed to develop great flexibility and excellent posing skills. Yet, soon Direnzo discovered gymnastics wasn’t what she was born for. Her real passion was developing a strong muscled body. Beverly stayed determined to bodybuilding until the end of her life.

Great genetics and a strong work ethic helped her to become successful very fast. Beverly became a real sensation due to her gymnastic skills. Her stage performances and posing routine were always amusing and uncommon. Her sparkling creativity made her an outstanding character in female bodybuilding.

Beverly stayed in professional bodybuilding for 16 years. But, even after the official end of her career, she kept training and inspiring others. Beverly opened her own gym where she could be a coach and a teacher for hundreds of sportsmen.

Sports fans will always remember Beverly not only as a great professional but also as a great human. Her legendary sense of humor and great kindness brought her a lot of friends worldwide. Unfortunately, popular Beverly’s smile was hiding her pain. Only a few people know that talented female bodybuilder was suffering from health issues.

Beverly’s husband Jersey told that the sports celebrity died while asleep. “RIP… My love eternal… Passed the way she wanted at peace falling asleep together… No more pain.” – he wrote on Instagram. Fans of Beverly are now sad and doing their best to support her family.

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  1. I will miss my morning talks with you Bev,but I know you are at peace and in a better place R.I.P my friend.


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