Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7

When we look at Camera in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 vs IPhone 7 never ending the war.  IPhone 7 this is indeed a great surprise and also a bit disappointing to most Apple phone lovers since the camera team of Apple’s iPhone is considered as experts in making world class shooters right to fit in your pocket. And as the Galaxy S7 of Samsung blew the iPhone 6S Plus out of the water during March, Samsung indeed is the only company that unseated iPhone from being on top when it comes to smartphone camera pile. Maybe Apple should come up with something great this year which might put the Samsung Galaxy S7 to shame.

With regards to iPhone 7 Plus, it as well possess some talents that S7 doesn’t. There is a telephoto lens that adds whole new kind of photographic ability that couldn’t be present to any other devices. And there is the bokeh effect also that might work well enough making everyone excited about. But still, these latest features haven’t clicked to the majority of people yet and so there might be no reason for saying that Apple’s iPhone has created better device than of Samsung.

The iPhone today, particularly iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, might be a lot closer to the specifications that Samsung Galaxy S7, however, couldn’t keep it up still. There are differences that are not that overwhelming however they are indeed considered to be significant knowing the fact about the higher level of competition between Samsung smartphones and Apple’s iPhones.

There are numbers of great and promising features from iPhone 7 camera serving as of important improvements over the iPhone 6S however Samsung Galaxy S7 is indeed on top regarding raw quality.


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