Thursday, June 24, 2021

Is This The Best Possible Physique For a Bodybuilder? Owen Powell Looks Truly Impressive!

The Open Weight category stays the most popular division of bodybuilding globally. However, the Classic Physique department has all chances to become just the same interesting for the bodybuilding community.

Being relatively new, the division has already gathered millions of fans. With such great representatives as Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead, Arash Rahbar, and other talented sportsmen, the Classic Physique category becomes more and more attractive and spectacular.

While the Open Weight bodybuilders need huge muscles to become successful, for the Classic Physique division mass is not the main. Great proportions, strong body, and more natural-looking muscles are more important than numbers on the scales.

Owen Powell is now a great example of how a top Classic Physique bodybuilder shall look. The sportsman has developed an incredible physique that reminds old school bodybuilders. , his cut muscles can make any newbie jealous

This British bodybuilder has great chances to lead the division and to become the first Classic Physique legend. Owen Powell may change the standards of the division if he keeps the same progress in a year. 

Now, the sportsman still has a lot of strong competitors. Nevertheless, his potential is simply incredible. The bodybuilder will definitely go far in his professional career. 

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