Saturday, May 8, 2021

Best Moments From FIBO 2019

FIBO is a great event that is awaited by all top bodybuilders and their fans. The main concept of the event is to gather bodybuilder and to make them have fun, enjoy the expo, and build business relationships with potential partners. While FIBO looks like a typical party, it’s an important day for those sportsmen who are looking for new career opportunities.

Some sports experts compare FIBO to Christmas for bodybuilders. In any case, this day has a great meaning for all professional sportsmen. Moreover, FIBO is also an opportunity to see the real face of sports stars. Bodybuilding fans are eager to get to the event to meet their idols and to have an opportunity to talk to them to take a common selfie or even to get an autograph.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to visit the event if you are not a competing bodybuilder of the highest level. However, you can always watch the best moment of the event on the internet.

This year FIBO gathered lots of bodybuilders, including some sports celebrities and, surely, Olympia stars. It was, perhaps, the only event where all main Olympia contestants were present (except the Olympia contest itself). Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, and many other top-bodybuilders had great fun at 2019 FIBO expo.

Fazi Fitness chose some great moments from FIBO expo 2019 to show your favorite bodybuilders. The video will allow you to see how the best bodybuilders appear in real life and how they have fun and meet each other.

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