How To Logout of Facebook Messenger
(Credits : Youtube)

There has been multiple struggles when trying to logout of the messenger and some have even resorted to reinstalling the app ultimately. Here is a way to logout of messenger without having to change your password.

The struggle is real for those who want to logout from the Facebook messenger app without any hassle. Existing methods include clearing data which doesn’t work all the time, logging out of Facebook from the same device, and even the worst, changing your password to log you out of other devices. The fact that the Facebook messenger app does not have a simple, handy logout button ultimately sucks.

There is a better work around than all those mentioned above. Here is the best way to logout of your Facebook messenger app.

First of all, we cannot stress the importance of this step enough. For this to work you need to shut down the messenger app completely, and don’t forget to close it in the running apps screen as well.

Once that has been done follow the steps below:

  1. Close the app and clear it from the recent apps list as well.
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ App or Application Manager and scroll down on the list of Installed apps until you see ‘Messenger’
  3. Tap on ‘Messenger’
  4. Tap on ‘ Clear Data’

After the steps above have been performed, you may open you messenger app to find that it asks if you want to log in as you, you may then tap the ‘switch account’ option below and enter the new account’s credentials.


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