Ceiling fans | Guides, Features, Dimensions, and Reviews.

Written by Samia Mughal

Ceiling Fans with our Complete Guide and Exclusive Reviews…


Ceiling fans are machine having 3 to 5 fins, commonly tough wired and fixed on the ceiling. Generally, the ceiling fans are used to cool down the temperature of the room or however deliver a waft and flow the air. The fan’s fins are attached to a surface, which has the motor and motorized parts for function. The fan fins generally revolve more gradually than those of a desk or box fan, however lots of coming with diverse swiftness.

Generally, ceiling fans brands have a variety of ceiling fans to select from with changes in the standard of quality and functionality. Few ceiling fans producer emphasis more on lesser quality, less costly fans though others aim more costly, high quality fans. The main thing is, there are enormous modifications in the quality and functionality of ceiling fans even contained by every single brand. If you match the very best ceiling fans that every brand has to deal, you will discover the top notch models to be comparatively the same. It’s quite difficult to know which models are the high-quality models and how to select ceiling fans according to your needs and desires.


Factors to consider when buying Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can control your place a bit once fitted, so reliant on your scheme and concerns, design perhaps is a big feature in your choice. An honest seller, no matter how expensive, must be capable of response your queries about any of these factors and concerns.

Energy Star label. 

Fans that receive the Energy Star label transfer air 20 % more competently than typical models. Energy Star fans with light kits are 60% much more effectual than typical fans with light kits and that can protect you other than $15 each year on your electricity bills.

See the damp/moist ranking.

If you’re inserting ceiling fans in a toilet or outside, you require discovering one that come across UL’s wet/damp ranking. The fan is inside in a humid room, search for a UL damp ranking. If the fan will be positioned out-of-doors on an entrance, search for one with a UL wet ranking. According to Energy Star the fans with these rankings have such factors as closed moisture-resistant electric motor, rust-resistant cover, stainless steel hardware, and weather resistant fins.

Ceiling must be between 2.1m and 2.4m in height

Reliant on the model you select for the top functionality. If your ceiling is considerably up, you might require an extension pole to lower the fan to an ideal level. Many low profile models that we tested permit you to fix the fan in a room with a ceiling height of 1.95 meters.

Anti-clock wise rotation

The anti-clock wise direction of the fan pulls air up rather than down, supporting in moving hot air everywhere in winter without making a downward waft in the area. This is beneficial by itself, or when functioning collectively with a heater or anti-clock cycle air conditioner. DC fan models bring much elasticity to the extent that speeds are apprehending with fit for seven speeds containing anti-clock. Though, you can discover one of the sluggish normal speeds does fine for you in winter by catching hot air down from the ceiling without creating a noteworthy flow result.

Choose the correct size.

However 52-inch fans are very famous, this size provides or consume a couple of inches that works finest in rooms that are 225 to 400 square feet. Pick a 42- to 44-inch model for 144 to 225 square feet. Elect for a bigger fan if your room size is on the marginal, and function it on a sluggish speed, which will be noiseless.

Controlling switch

A fan control choice contains a pull-cord regulator on the end of the fan or a wall regulator that typically exchanges the light button. A remote control not just delivers a decent level of control, it moreover permits relaxed fan setting up in states that make it difficult to rewire to a light switch.

Material of the fins

Though many fans have wood, timber, plywood or MDF etc, few of them are stainless steel, aluminium, or plastic. During examination we found that there’s normally no change in airing capacity among fans with timber and stainless-steel fins. Fans with wooden or plastic fins incline to be silent, creating them more appropriate for rooms.

Settings and ease of use

Many fans are controlled with a pull string that hangs from the fan itself (jerk once for lowermost setting, over for the following uppermost, etc.). Remote-controlled fans are the simple to practice and to change locations on. Wall buttons are also simple to use, but they need specialized fitting. Smart fans opening to perform can mechanically start when the heat ranges definite numbers or even initiate to function with a proximity sensor linked to your smartphone through an app.

Wiring and connecting

A number of fans have to be connected by a competent electrician or their assurances will be annulled

Fan balance gear

This benefits right vibrations that can take away a fans competency and likewise lead to further sound through the procedure.

Suit your aesthetics

Starting from plain to decorative, ceiling fans can carry back retentions of “Casablanca” or have a Jetsons-like contemporary screw. Motor-cover textures consist of brass, bronze, and pewter. Plain fan fins have a bat shape; however, differences consist of oval and leaf shapes or cane like feels. Qualities take in cherry, oak, maple, and painted fins.

Airflow Efficiency

Power efficiency isn’t somewhat particular to laundry machines or dryers; you need your ceiling fans to keep your budget of money or energy bill in a moderate condition. The much perfect low-profile ceiling fans that has a power procedure of 60 watts or less. At this time, the 60 watts are excluded from lights, thus if you purchase ceiling fans with colored lights, be certain to take the power spent by the lights into attention.

Consider setting up necessities.

Connect a ceiling fan in the middle of the area no less than 7 feet beyond the floo and 8 to 9 feet for ideal airflow. Usually, fin ends must be no nearer than 24 inches from a wall and from long curtains. See builder’s instructions for details. If you’re swapping a light with a fan, be sure that the electronic box in the ceiling can back the weight of the fan. If you are not sure to see the set up guidelines or call an electrician.

Ceiling fans with light.

This perhaps is a useful factor to consider. If you depend on fit attached overhead the fan, you might turn out with a strobe lighting consequence. Best for gatherings, fewer so for comforting on a hot dusk. Though, several of the fans that have combined light as a choice when you purchase the item won’t benefit the totaling of a light at an advanced date. Thus if you ponder you may require a light, it may be a decent impression to get it whether or no.


Selecting ceiling fans based exclusively on price is perhaps not a prudent choice, there’s no negating it’s a significant part of the decision-making procedure. In this segment, we summarize exactly what your money purchase for you.



Types of Best Ceiling Fans Available

There is a vast range of ceiling fans kinds, every fan has its own specifications and advantages and disadvantages. Many ceiling fans are well in the house and some are well for out-of-doors, and then you have to ponder about dampness levels and other climate circumstances. There is ample to think through when selecting the correct ceiling fans for your indoor needs.

The next instructions will give you a great impression of modifications among different types of ceiling fans so you can take a well-versed choice when you go to buy one.

Ordinary Ceiling Fans

Ordinary ceiling fans are the type you get in the commonly at many homes. They are multipurpose and arise in a selection of styles that can contrast nearly any scheme. Several typical fan surfaces consist of brushed nickel, antique bronze, auburn, pewter, black, white and natural etc.

Hugger Ceiling Fans

You perhaps have got low-quality fans denoted to as “hugger fans” or “flush fixed ceiling fans”. This kind of ceiling fans should be purchased if your house has ceilings that are fewer than eight feet tall. As an alternative using a down rod, the fan is set up straight onto the fixing brace, which retains it at the essential seven feet beyond the floor.

Meanwhile, the fan’s fins are so near to the ceiling, the air drive isn’t enormous on its own, it is even though an influential tool for touching air conditioned or warm air through the room, which aids you to use your HVAC system not as much often.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Energy Star certified ceiling fans are presented with standard and hugger fan choices like other fans. However, these kinds of fans can save you a great deal of money in due course and are remarkably well for the atmosphere than other similar items.

Energy Star-rated fans have proficient motors and sleek fins that support them use a smaller amount of energy. A standard energy retaining ceiling fans are 20% more effective, and if you elect for one with combined lights, it will be 50% much resourceful.

Twin Motor Ceiling Fans

Twin motor ceiling fans are just what they named like; they are ceiling fans with double motors. This kind of fan has a main motor casing devoted to two parallel rods. Both rods have an own modifiable fan base. These fans let you fix both one at its own speediness, and they are typically much ornamental than customary, single-motor ceiling fans. These exclusive fans are usually used in public locations due to their capability to flow air above a better area than your regular ceiling fans. If you need to run your twin motor ceiling fan in the open, make certain to check the producer’s specs for the item to safeguard that it can work as a damp or wet fan too.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

If you have ordinary ceiling fans, twin-motor fan, a moist outside fan or some other kind of fan, a lot of them are obtainable with remote controls. A flawless selection for individuals who aren’t tall adequately to reach a customary ceiling fans tug cords; remote-controlled fans permit you to regulate the speed and way of the fins. This preference is also excessive for rooms that have high ceilings and whichever no downrod or a downrod that just isn’t long sufficiently. These can also be suitable for big event rooms, auditoriums, eateries, and factories.

Damp and Wet Ceiling Fans

If you are searching for an out-of-doors fan and you live in a damp place or a zone that regularly rains, then a humid or damp fan may work better for you.

Damp ceiling fans are intended with motors that fight harms due to wetness and moisture and have all-weather fins that are resilient to damage. You can regularly discover these fans in striking styles; however, you can get more customary or modern styles of these fans too.

Damp ceiling fans are beneficial for rooms or out-of-doors spaces that do not take direct rainfall but do encounter a fair sum of moisture. General rooms for damp fans take in:


Covered doorways

Covered courtyards

Manufacturing, Agricultural and Commercial Ceiling Fans

Manufacturing ceiling fans are essential for very big spaces. Their heavy-duty motors are perfect for upper air distribution. Manufacturing fans with bent fins can be attached up to 25 feet, and those with straight fins are best for very high ceilings.

Manufacturing ceiling fans can be run endlessly, making them the great selection for stores, gyms and other very huge places. Certain types are revocable and can boost air up to exhaust fans, which stops concentration on the ceiling.


The Best Ceiling Fans of 2017

There are countless features that step in the review of every ceiling fan. A blend of price, stability, manufacture, artistic appeal and flexibility are all put in concern when trying to decide which ones should make this list and which don’t. In particular, they want to work fine on a regular basis. Following, are our topmost selected ceiling fans including their dimensions, features, and reviews that you can get for your household.

1. Emerson Carrera Grande Eco


  • Fan Span: 54″/60″/72″
  • Overall Fan Height: 14.5″
  • Blade To Ceiling Height: 13.0″
  • Housing Width: 13.4″
  • Canopy Width: 7.1″


  • The Carrera Grande Eco features rich Oil Rubbed Bronze casing. Add fins of       your     choice (fins sold separately) to create a fan span of 54-, 60- or 72-Inches.
  • Energy Star rated ceiling fans that includes Emerson’s DC motor use less than 33 watts of electricity on high speed
  • A 4-1/2-inch downrod is built-in for easy connection on standard ceilings. To hang on pitched ceilings, add the Emerson Sloped Ceiling Kit (sold separately)
  • Includes a 6-speed LED wall control with receiver; light fixture adaptable
  • Backed by Emerson’s Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco are the overall best ceiling fans. It won overall best ceiling fans award for 2016. This is presently our number 1 bestselling ceiling fans altogether and is the flawless answer for those witnessing for a high standard fan that will function dead noiseless and transfer countless air for ages to come.

However it has been bestowed “Most Efficient 2014” by the U.S. Government Energy Star program, we are not able to endorse a well-enhanced fan. Not just is it a pretty eyeing temporary style that turns in nearly any scheme, it has entirety going for it that why we endorse you to search for in a ceiling fan.
The fan actually inside is an influential work-horse DC ECO Motor that is greatly effective and approachable to the atmosphere. Not just does this fan create above 7,100 CFM of airflow verified with 60″ fins, it consumes just 20 watts of electricity during the functionality.

The Carrera Grande Eco has an EPA effectiveness ranking of 360 CFM/Watt, that is approximately 400% much effective than your classic ceiling fan. The fins are vended distinctly in numerous furniture score qualities and are obtainable in 54″, 60″ and 72″ sizes, so you can plan this fan to suitable in furthermost any regular to big dimensioned room.

If you want a ceiling fan with lights, there is an extensive range of light kits to select from that can be auxiliary to this fan as well as Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen and greatly effective LED. For further expediency and variety of performance requirements, a 6-Speed remote control is contained within with an anti-clock wise purpose and light regulator that you should select to enhance the light.

The motor casing hails from numerous widespread textures as well as Oil Rubbed Bronze which is the most famous of all, Brushed Steel and White for extra elasticity to correspond with your decoration. Because of the achievement of fans like Eco, Emerson has stretched out their range of greatly effectual ECO fans to take in several other styles with the similar standard of quality and functionality

2. Emerson Premium Select



  • Fan Span: 42″/52″/58″
  • Overall Fan Height: 15.0″
  • Blade To Ceiling Height:14.0″
  • Housing Width: 12.3″
  • Canopy Width: 6.4″


  • The Premium Select is a classic Emerson Outmoded Design
  • As a part of the Fin Select Series, this influential fan’s span can range from 44″ to 58″
  • This product is prepared in China-Compatible with B78SW Blade. Accent light uses (5) 13-Watt Medium Base CFL Bulbs, counted in-Well-suited with all Emerson SW down rods. . .
  • Compatible with B78SW Fin
  • Accent light uses (3) 13
  • Watt Average Base CFL Bulbs, included
  • Compatible with all Emerson SW down rods The K55 is exclusive in that the motor is attached simply to the fan casing and remains motionless inside the fan with a drive shaft that spins in the center of the motor. A rubberized flywheel is attached to the bottom of the shaft where the blades connect, which dampens noise and adds stability to minimize wobble.The Emerson Premium select is known as a best traditional fan. Premium has been a manufacturing standard for more than 30 years and was one of the oldest fans to include the influential Emerson K55 motor.

You can also fasten 4 or 5 fins to the flywheel. However, 4 are more customary. Many other fans have rotator motors where the chute is static and the complete motor rotates about the chute with the fins attached right to the end of the motor. Rotator motors are much problematic to balance and can transmit sound to the fins and motor casing. The Premium fans are great and sturdy, however, run suave and discreet. You may well let this fan on 24 hours a day for ages. If dominant and noiseless is vital to you, this is your best option.

3. Montecarlo Turbine



  • Suspension: Length 19.1″
  • Downrod: Length 8″
  • Fan Body: Diameter 9.1″
  • Blade Sweep: Diameter 56″


  • Fin pitch ranges from 15 degrees to 60 degrees
  • For remote spare, order: TN-REMOTE
  • Premium power 165 X 25 mm DC motor for noiseless operation
  • Ultra effective energy saving 6 speed reversible motor.
  • Accuracy balanced motor and fins for wobble-free operation.

Montecarlo Turbine is famous for the most cooling effect. This is our best recommendation when it comes to pure cooling performance. The Turbine is one of the only ceiling fans to actually surpass all of our performance criteria, meaning it is beyond our scale from 1-5 for CFM, Efficiency, Watts and MPH Airflow.

This fan is quite very made wind speeds beyond 5 miles per hour and travels over 8300 CFM of air flow. With a 56″ fin distance, the fan is the ideal size for most rooms. When relating this fan to bigger fans, don’t complicate higher CFM with high Airstream Speed, since larger fans with higher CFM blowout the air above a greater area and the definite airstream you feel is watered down. Since this fan is not too huge, the great sum of airflow it creates is more intense, which is why it is capable to make wind speeds above 5 MPH.

For persons in the picture, air stream speed makes the wind-chill outcome that Fresh’s us off, which is why we purchase ceiling fans at first. The thing even more remarkable is that the Turbine achieves this better using 75% less energy at partial the RPM of the regular ceiling fan, making it a rational preference for those worried about consuming less energy.

Monte Carlo has truly done somewhat extraordinary with this plan of modern ceiling fans by fit in 8 sleekly shaped fins with a greatly effective DC motor to make the most of air stream speed and save energy.

4. Matthews Atlas Donaire




  • Fan body with Blades: 52″D X 6.5″H; Max Height with 10″
  • downrod: 19″H
  • Canopy: 6″D X 2.5″H
  • Hanging weight: 29 lbs


  • Showcases striking 52″ diameter with three ABS blades.
  • Energy effective 3-speed and reversible AC motor.
  • Wet location finishes: scrubbed stainless or textured bronze.
  • Consist of vaulted ceiling canopy for up to 30°.
  • Consist of hand-held and wall-mountable 3-speed remote control with reversible functionality.
  • Included, replaceable and dimmable 18W LED light.
  • Includes elective light cap cover.
  • Well-matched with Lutron Skylark/Slide/SFSQ-LF White Wall Control (not included).
  • Presented with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Wet Location ranked.

Mathew Atlas Donaire is known as the best outdoor ceiling fan Presented by Matthews Fan Company in 2016, the Donaire is vital in outdoor ceiling fans. As per one of very less ceiling fans created of 100% 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, it is prepared to better resist the harshest penalty mother nature has to throw from sun, rain, humidity and salt air.

Even though much more overpriced than the usual steel function in other fans, Marine Grade Stainless Steel is extremely resilient to rust. The Donaire approaches with a remote control and integral dimmable LED light kit. It moreover consists of a lowest cap that can be connected as a substitute of the light for a decent and clean appearance if you don’t want light. The Stainless Steel is over in bronze or scrubbed stainless, together similarly long lasting.

4. Emerson Laclede Grande Eco



  • Fan Span: 62″
  • Overall Fan Height: 20.0″
  • Blade To Ceiling Height: 16.0″
  • Housing Width: 17.0″
  • Canopy Width: 8.0″


  • The Carrera Grande Eco includes rich Oil Rubbed Bronze housing.
  • Add fins of your choice sold separately to produce a fan span of 54-, 60- or 72-Inches.
  • Energy Star ranked ceiling fans that include Emerson’s DC motor use less than 33 watts of electricity on high speed
  • A 4-1/2-inch downrod is included for easy setting up on standard ceilings.
  • Consist of a 6-speed LED wall control with receiver; light fixture adaptable
  • Supported by Emerson’s Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty
Looking for a ceiling fan that is having a lot of light??  You don’t need to search anymore the Emerson Laclede Eco delivers the equal of 540 Watts of incandescent light consuming just 117 watts, it is much lightning than any other ceiling fan we’ve ever experienced.

It has 4-13 Watt CFL bulbs in the up light and 5-13 Watt CFL lights in the down light for a equal of 117 Watts of Fluorescent light, which is just about equal to 540 Watts of incandescent light. Even though the bulbs are not dimmable, if you want a fan that lays out enormously of light, this is your greatest choice.

The admiration does not halt here. Not just is this fan tremendously perky, it is too greatly effective meanwhile it has the new DC Emerson ECO Motor which consumes 75% less electricity than usual ceiling fans, however it creates even more airstream. This is a genuine bright impression and one of the best ceiling fans ever constructed

5. Emerson Midway Eco



    • Fan Span: 54″
    • Overall Fan Height: 16.5″
    • Fin To Ceiling Height: 9.0″
    • Housing Width: 12.5″
    • Canopy Width: 5.1″


  • Emerson Midway Eco Energy Star ceiling fans features the Emerson EcoMotor, making them the most energy efficient ceiling fans in the market.
  • Only uses 17.5-Watt of energy
  • DC motor ceiling fans with 29 Degree airfoil blade pitch at the housing
  • Integrated light fixture uses four 13-Watt GU24 fluorescent bulbs
  • Six-speed Emerson Fans LED remote control included; wall control adaptable 
Is the best contemporary Energy star ceiling fans. DC ceiling fans were presented into the market by Emerson and this was the new DC motor ceiling fans they prepared. The predecessor of the Carrera Grande Eco introduced beyond, Emerson Eco Fans denote several most effective contemporary ceiling fans on the earth.

These greatly effective fans include an innovative DC motor that is able to 350% more effective than usual ceiling fans and the Central Eco model is too Energy Star certified. DC motors link to your AC power, however, have long-lasting electromagnets. The tiny electricity they consume is for the electronics that regulate the fan speediness and light.

There are numerous Eco Fans to select from, many of which signify our number 1 preferences amid the best ceiling fans you can purchase. This fan was also bestowed with “Most Efficient fan of 2014” by the U.S. Regime under the Energy Star program.

6. Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade


  • Height from ceiling: 12.27″
  • Canopy: 6.5″ Diameter
  • Diameter : 52″ Span
  • CFM:  510969


  •  WhisperWind motor carries ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance so you get the cooling influence you want without the sound you don’t
  • Two 60W candelabra incandescent bulbs built-in
  • Included pull chain lets for fast and easy on/off and speed adjustments
  • The motor is proficient of running in reverse
  • Indoor Only, 13-degree fin pitch improved to confirm ideal air movement and peak performance
Ceiling fans are generally measured by fins width in inches, however, this just states portion of the story. Dimension is vital for how it appearances in your room, however number of fins, fin shape, angle and speed complete consequence performance, therefore a much beneficial size for judgment is the quantity of air they transfer and that’s measured in CFM cubic feet each minute.

You must think five fins would transfer other than two, and then again the CFM may express you differently. The other important thing to know is that ceiling fan don’t actually cool a room of any kind – they actually cool your body with the waft they generate. As a result, it’s not at all times best to site them in the center of the room, however relatively where they’ll have the most result on the individuals therefore over a seating part, or a bed, for instance.

The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan has a width of 52 inches and sweeps 5110 CFM which is adequate, as of the producer, for spaces of fit for 400 square feet. It’s a five fin model with adjustable fins that is tainted oak one side and Brazilian cherry at the other side.

It also has three fixing preferences which are very beneficial if you need to set the similar fan in a some of the different places, since you can base it on a downrod the typical technique, flushes, or from a slanting portion of the ceiling if essential. White and nickel styles are also offered in the market.

7. Minka-Aire F843-DK, Wave Distressed Koa 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Remote Control” orientation



  • Body of the fan: 13.5 inches
  • Downrod: 3.5 inches
  • Diameter: 53 inches
  • Blade pitch: 48 inches
  • CFM: 6585


  • Designed with a distressed koa casing, this indoor ceiling fan was created with Three Distressed Koa Blades.
  • Control contained within: RCS213 – Three-speed hand-held remote with full-range light dimming. Non–reversing (manual reverse switch on motor)
  • Includes 3.5″ and 6″ Downrods and Angled Ceiling Adapter. Can be mounted up to 21° with included adapter. Use A245-DK (sold separately) for ceilings angled 21° to 45°
  • Minka Aire Fan, Not Light Kit Compatible
If we talk about innovation, no one can match parallel with Minka-Aire ceiling fan. Minka-Aire F843-DK Wave Distraught Koa 52-inch Ceiling Fan is only the correct sample of contemporary day flair and creation. This specific ceiling fan is made-to-measure for big rooms beyond 485 sq. feet, for example, a big office, conference rooms, archives, and even big bedrooms. The fan has a metallic building and a brown tinted texture.

Though, it’s not only about scheme and texture. Minka-Aire F843-DK deals three curved fins with a remarkable 48-degree area. Appreciation is to the design aspects that permit the fan fins to achieve such a high area that the ceiling fan can produce 6585 CFM airflow capability, with only three fins. Even with such long fins, the general weight of the fan is only 19 pounds.

Minka-Aire Wave Distressed Koa F843-DK put away 66 wattage that is only beyond a normal ceiling fan’s wants. However, its power usage is as low as standard models. The ceiling fan is UL scheduled and hail with a lifespan warranty.

The Minka-Aire F843-DK might appear costly; however, when you ponder its modern design, matchless painted texture, and assurance, the price is realistic for the worth. And above, the UL authorization delivers some long-term worth.

8. Montecarlo Minimalist



  • Downrod: Length 6″
  • Suspension: Length 13.7″
  • Fan Body: Diameter 72″
  • CFM: 7,700


  • DC 85 Motor
  • Hand Carved Balsa Wood Fins
  • Premium power 85 X 65 mm DC motor for silent operation
  • Specially designed for patio and moist locations.
  • Ultra effective energy saving 6 speed reversible motor.
Minimalist is the best and innovative fan. The Minimalist is not only minimal in body; it is minimal in electricity usage. Integrating a greatly effective DC Motor and 16 Watt LED light fitting this fan consumes no more than 30 watts on high speed despite of producing more than 7,700 CFM. It gives the fan a high productivity ranking of 288 CFM/Watt if the lights are off.

On less speed it just consumes around 2.64 watts, which is apparent that you can run 36 of these fans while lights off consuming less energy than a just 100 watt light bulb aren’t it simply tremendous!

9. Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Two-Light 48-Inch Two-Blade



  • Blade Pitch: 13 Degrees
  • CFM: 4881 Cubic Feet per Min.
  • Fan body: 48 Inches
  • Canopy: 6-inch length by 3/4-inch


  • Adjustable to remote control (sold individually)
  • Can be also used with a dimmer
  • Four fan speeds i.e. high/medium/medium-low/low and reversible switch for year round use
  • Fins are made of plywood for strong point
  • Consist of 78-inch lead wire, 3/4-inch by 6-inch down rod, and two candelabra-base 40-watt torpedo bulbs
  • Lifetime motor warranty; two-year warranty on all further parts
  • Fins have a 13-degree pitch; like to see 12 degree least
  • Must be connected with a downrod 
The diameter of the twin-bladed Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Ceiling Fans are smaller than the Hunter, at 48-inches, and CFM is 4880 – so you can tell straight away it’s a fan for a smaller room. In fact, it’s rated for up to 144 square feet, which seems much less, but area measurements can be deceptive, so it’s important that you know your room’s dimensions when deciding.

There’s a six inch downrod that needs to be taken into consideration when fitting, and a couple of owners expressed concerns that this would be a problem with 8′ ceiling heights. Some said it wasn’t a problem (unless you had friends over 7′ tall!), others had found contractors capable of modifying the length – although doing so could effect the warranty.

Quite by coincidence, Westinghouse were also founded in 1886 (in Pennsylvania) – although the lighting and fans division actually began as a family-owned business in 1946. It’s a brand almost everyone has heard of and their products have a terrific reputation and tremendous appeal. Their range might not be as big as Hunters, but they offer an excellent collection nevertheless. We’ve chosen the Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Ceiling Fans in this review, but the high ratings their other models receive underlines how popular all of them are.

Their range might not be as big as Hunters, but they offer an excellent collection nevertheless. We’ve chosen the Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Ceiling Fans in this review, but the high ratings their other models receive underlines how popular all of them are.

10. Minka-Aire F518-WH 44-inch Concept II Flush Mount



  • Downrod: 6 Inch
  • Blade Spans: 44 Inch
  • Blade Pitch: 14 Degree
  • Fan Height: 17.14 Inch
  • CFM: 4600 


  • Minka Aire ceiling fans consist of (1) 100 Watt Mini-Can Halogen bulb with White Opal Glass with a maximum wattage of 100 watts
  • Designed with a colored body, this inside ceiling fans were made with Three, Vaneer  Blades
  • Control built-in RCS212 – Three-speed hand-held remote with full-range light dimming and reverse purpose
  • Measures 11.5” from the ceiling to the lowest of the fan. This Modern Ceiling Fan has a fin sweep diameter of 44” with 14° Fin Pitch
  • Consist of Flush Mount Canopy. Setting up on angled ceilings is not recommended


Bearing a width of only 44 inches, with the 3 fins Minka-Aire F518-WH Concept II Ceiling Fans are the comparatively compressed unit, specially designed for low-ceiling places of adequate dimensions nearby 100 square feet or less. It’s only 10.5 inches from the “hugger” fixing base to the lowermost portion of the light shield, so can function where bigger fans may hazard thoughtful damage.

It’s a power effective item; however, with a CFM of 4600, it doesn’t transfer much of air, hereafter the reference for small room dimensions. Though, a 52-inch fin variety is offered for those who have bigger places. As it is a flush base model, it cannot be mounted on slanting surfaces.

Minka-Aire is a comparatively new business, on track from 1993 as a growth of the Minka Group of Corona, CA, which creates embellished lighting below numerous different brand tags as well as the extensively renowned George Kovacs and Metropolitan Lighting. The term “minka” is derived from the Japanese “ming” and “ja”, which interpret as “bright” and “home”. Ceiling fans were a regular addition to their trade, which has a sturdy emphasis on aesthetics and modern design.

Although the Minka-Aire F518-WH Concept II Ceiling Fan we’ve chosen has spotless and neat styling, far more excessive and visually thrilling replacements are offered if that’s what you’re eyeing.

11. Casablanca Stealth




  • Downrod: Length 6.49″
  • Suspension: Length 11.24″
  • Fan Body: Diameter 54″
  • CFM: 6556


  • Direct Drive motor delivers unparalleled power, silent performance, and reliability over decades of daily use
  • Reversible motor permits you to change the direction of your fan from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode in the winter
  • High-end motor is ENERGY STAR certified and at the top of its class in air movement
  • For indoor use only, Two position mounting system permits for standard or angled mounting
  • Consist of New Universal Wall Control
  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty is supported by the only company with over 126 years in the fan business 

This one is really famous as the best and longest standing contemporary ceiling fans. Casablanca was between the very old modern style ceiling fans created ever and the sleek jet fitting style of this fan was ages before its while when it was initially manufactured approximately 2 decades ago.

In due course, all other ceiling fans builders cheated Casablanca no matter how because of its reputation, however not any have until now exceeded the total excellency and functionality of this trend setter contemporary ceiling fans.

12. Emerson Curva Sky



  • Fan Span: 44″
  • Overall Fan Height: 12.6″
  • Blade To Ceiling Height: 10.0″
  • Housing Width: 9.6″
  • Canopy Width: 9.9″


  • The Curva Sky are 44-inch Indoor-Outdoor ceiling fans with Appliance White fins and Opal Matte glass
  • This Emerson ceiling fans are wet location sanctioned and consist of 3 weather-resistant fins
  • Integrated light fitting and removable ‘no-light’ plate white ceiling fans
  • Integrated ceiling fans light fixture applies 2, 50-Watt mini-candelabra halogen bulbs (included)
  • Curva Sky Emerson fans consist of a 6-speed remote control with receiver
The Emerson Curva Sky is known as the best Hugger Fan. This fan makes a new level for flush base ceiling fans. The smooth slender curvaceous construction is matchless associated to likewise design flush base ceiling fans that excessively huge presenting.

In addition, this remote control ceiling fans hail from a 6-speed remote control with anti-clock wise that has a complete collection of light regulating modes. This fan is perfect for rooms or places with low ceilings.

13. Fanimation Odynn 




  • Downrod : 84″D x 18″H; 6″
  • Canopy:  6.46″D
  • Hanging Weight: 32.14 lbs 


  • The Curva Sky is a 44-inch Indoor-Outdoor ceiling fans with Appliance White blades and Opal Matte glass
  • This Emerson ceiling fans wet location approved and includes 3 weather-resistant blades
  • Integrated light fixture and removable ‘no-light’ plate white ceiling fans
  • Integrated ceiling fans light fixture uses 2, 50-Watt mini-candelabra halogen bulbs (included)
  • Curva Sky Emerson fans include a 6 speed remote control with receiver

Odynn are the best large ceiling fans. This 84 inches fan is the largest ceilings fan created for domestic uses. The Odynn catches the character of industrial High Volume Low Speed fan created by the Big Ass Fan Company, and further industrial fan producers, and carries it inside your home at a portion of the price.

Most High Volume Low Speed fans prepared for manufacture application can be slightly loud, so far the Odynn function almost dead silences with a greatly effective 6 speed DC motor that applies a few units of the energy of usual ceiling fans half its dimension.

It set up like any other domestic ceiling fans and does not involve extra building as would an industrial High Volume Low Speed fan. If you are eyeing to create an actual statement in a huge exposed room then do not wait further Odynn is the best large fan for your requirements.


Generally speaking, ceiling fans are elementary necessity for any home venue. They progress the understood ease in many diverse weathers. Ceiling fans are too supportive in decreasing your energy cost.

To select the finest ceiling fans, you want to ponder numerous features other than expense. Energy Star ranking, motor rating, the number of fins, airflow productivity, and power consumption are some protruding aspects to think about. However, you have to think over your artistic and lighting requirements.

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