Berlin: 2017 European Shooting Stars Announced

Berlin: 2017 European Shooting Stars Announced

European Film Promotion has unveiled the names of the shooting stars 2017 Europeans from the 10 players whose talent is presented at the Berlin Film Festival.

Berlin: 2017 European Shooting Stars Announced

The shooting stars are Italians Alessandro Borghi (“not bad”), Elina Vaska (“soft mud”) Latvia, Esben Smed (“Letters to Amina”), Hannah Hoekstra (“Fury”) of Sweden Karin Franz Korlof German Louis Hofmann, Majer Marusa Slovenia, Romania Tudor Aaron Istodor, Portuguese Victoria Guerra (“Cosmos”)) and Poland Zofia Wichlacz, who is on the Oscar of his country “afterimage”.

The players were chosen by a jury of casting director Lucinda Important questions, the Hungarian actor Dorka Gryllus, Swiss director Xavier Koller, Portuguese producer Pandora da Cunha Telles and Swedish writer and critic Lumholdt January.

During the four-day event in Berlin shooting star (from 10 to 13 February) the 10 players with the members of the casting directors international network, filmmakers and other players participate in a program profile workshops and conferences training important industry, such as interviews and photo ~~ POS = TRUNC with the international media.

Important questions, said. “The event has become one of the most prestigious to discover and promote new incredible talents from across Europe platforms, and I am honored to be part of the jury. My colleagues of the International Network of Casting Directors Network will appreciate this case as well as provide us with a unique opportunity Players in a place, then we can increase for projects so you have never seen. “

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