Bodybuilders and powerlifters have a lot of common things. The training concept is based on lifting weights and developing muscles for both of these sports. The good strategy shall include a proper diet and a certain amount of rest for those who prepare for bodybuilding competitions and those who are going to compete in lifting the weights.

Moreover, sportsmen even look very similar, especially during the offseason. Both bodybuilders and powerlifters have massive muscled bodies and are working with insanely heavy weights. If you are not an expert it’s so easy to confuse.

However, the core difference between sports is the final aim that sportsmen are training for. While powerlifters have the only aim to lift more, bodybuilders are concentrated on how their bodies look.

Most powerlifters don’t care about having some extra fat. They rarely waste their time on making their bodies look lean and shredded. In any case, that won’t bring them victory when the only thing that matters is how much they lift.

However, there are some exceptions. Having special genetics and caring about dieting may make a powerlifter almost as shredded as bodybuilders usually are. Ben Pollack is a good example of that.

Looking at the sportsman, it’s very difficult to guess whether he is a bodybuilder or a powerlifter. Ben never gains much fat, however, his genetics allows him to build muscles fast and easy. Moreover, Ben is a fan of healthy low-fat dieting and he cares about each of his meals what allows him to get good nutrition and not to gain too much extra weight. Ben likes to look great and he enjoys his muscles being jacked.

What a perfect set of features for a bodybuilder! However, the sportsman is not a bodybuilder. Ben Pollack is a powerlifter and he has never taken a part in any serious bodybuilding competition. At the same time, there are many examples of great bodybuilders including some Olympia champions who came to bodybuilding after starting their career in powerlifting.

In any case, fans of Ben think he shall try being a bodybuilder and share their idea with the sportsman. Bodybuilding experts also paid attention to the sportsman, inviting him to the sport.

Looking at some of the latest photos of the sportsman it’s very easy to understand that this man could have a great future in bodybuilding if he wanted to.


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