In the past few years Battlefield games were the only game which every action game lover was playing, but then with passage of time due to lees updates it became boring. If you have played every game of the series: starting from 1942 to Battlefield 4 and had mastered each and every aspect of the game.

But like so many other players you have quit the game because of same annoying and boring things doing again and again then we have good news for you.


In the past couple of years, the Battlefield games have been quite boring for me. Sometimes I feel why I played them. It was not a good experience for me with Battlefield games because the developers have ruined the experience of the game by cutting them into tiny pieces of the puzzle which you have to unlock by wasting hundreds of hours of your life and by spending money. When I started playing Battlefield games I was excited and the game itself was exciting as you just buy the game and jump in as a real soldier, defeat enemies and the game will give you everything it has without spoiling your experience with unlock able and locked items. The Battlefield 4 was not a game it was just a money earning device thrown into the market by the developers for gamers to waste money to unlock weapons and different things. Gaming has changed. It was for amusement in past days, but now it is all about money.


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