battlefield 1 release date gameplay video
(Source: Youtube)

In an effort to keep fans entertained as they patiently wait for Battlefield 1 to be released, a gameplay video was released that featured a portion of the Storm of Steel mission that is included in the Play First Trial via EA/Origin. The said video showcased the game’s details and close-quarter combat system, thus giving fans a clearer picture of what the game will be like once it is released

EA announced before that Battlefield 1 will have several characters available for play, all of which are divided into five different war stories. In this aspect, a game with multiple protagonists available will give players a wider gameplay experience. There is also a Battlefield 1 single player campaign that will be introducing historical figures that are true to life, including Lawrence of Arabia. In order to learn more about the story and submerge into the deeper history, the players can expect to use a character who is close to the historical icon that the story is about.

The new video that was released for Battlefield 1 features a segment of The War to End All Wars, where over sixty million soldiers went into battle. Needless to say, the War to End All Wars did not end anything, but it did change the world drastically. There was even a scene where as the frontline players were basically considered as pawns since they are not expected to make it to the end of the battle.

Moreover, the video of Battlefield 1 was set in the middle of a chaotic war zone, trying to fend off the advancements of enemy soldiers and tanks, surviving bullet barrages and bombs falling from the sky. In conclusion, the video proves that Battlefield 1 is definitely something to look forward to for every battle hungry fan out there.


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