The newly released Battlefield 1 game has players excited for all the goodies in store for them in this new installment, one of the most notable features is the Easter Egg trail. Some players have already discovered neat secrets in the game that was released last October 21.

Some gamers have discovered mysterious headphones in various multiplayer maps, and these headphones activate radios on the map and will actually send messages every time it is encountered by the player. The said messages were first thought to be simple and meaningless beeps, however, some deep thinkers found out that the messages could be understood and deciphered since they are actually a morse code or something similar. That being said, no one has deciphered the codes so far, some think it is the same as Battlefield 4’s Illuminati easter egg that wanted players to decipher the morse code. Rumors suggest that the morse codes hidden in Battlefield 1 will expose the secrets of the giant sharks and secret weapons, too.

DICE apparently surprised fans when Battlefield 1 was released back on October 21, with its World War 1 setting which was a far cry from the usual laser and infrared weapons you would usually encounter in modern shooting games. This game style is quite new and would also encourage players to try something fresh.

There will also be new game modes and battles can last longer than an hour, hence giving the player an intense battle feel and the opportunity to use everything they have in their arsenal.


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