Battlefield 1
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The launch of Battlefield 1 is nearly upon us and there are a few who have already gotten their hands on advanced copies of the game. For every gamer with their heart set on Battlefield 1, here are some tips to make your Battlefield 1 experience amazing.

EA’s Battlefield 1 has a slightly peculiar way to unlock different weapons and earn some war bonds as compared to other shooting games. As per VG24/7, each and every class in Battlefield 1 will have its own level and corresponding currency that can be used for purchasing weapons and the like. It is worth mentioning that these currencies are earned based on the class ranking of the player, plus it’s different from the overall rank so don’t mix the two up. The said ranking can be found at the top left corner of the Class Customization screen, and the progress of these class ranks is done through performing tasks that will ultimately contribute to the success of the team, such as killing, assisting reviving teammates and dropping ammo and medical packs.

In order to upgrade weapons, one must first get the new weapons that will be unlocked once the required class rank is achieved, note that these are not for free and are purchased via War Bonds. Basically, ranking up will unlock the weapon and let you purchase and that is it.

The best weapons in Battlefield 1 will be available once the player hits rank 10 and there are even some weapons that are usable by a variety of ranks. War Bonds are earned by ranking up, players must be wise in spending War Bonds since they are limited during the early game phase.

For an easier ride, know that the Battlefield 1 Early Enlisted edition is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $80. This will feature the Red Baron Pack and the Lawrence of Arabia Pack, more weapons, vehicles, and items. Surely there is a lot to look forward to when Battlefield 1 arrives on October 21.


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