Battlefield 1 Beta
(Image: Gamespot)

Battlefield 1 showcases a gripping warfare where the shooter kills the enemies. The single-player mode of the game has been one of the highlights. The publishers’ Electronic Arts and developer EA DICE are planning to release the game this October. It is one of the highly anticipated games where the players get to use different kinds of weapons and guns to face the combats. Designer Daniel Berlin has put in a lot of effort to make this game series as visually appealing as it can be done.

The Battlefield 1 game will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Battlefield franchise has been quite popular among its fans. The game is to be released on Microsoft Windows as well. Set in the backdrop of World War I the game is prepared in a manner where both the contenders are seen fighting an eye for an eye. The new system of technology and mechanism used is splendid. The high and profound sound system and visual presentation are supposed to be one of the highlighting features of this game series. The bolt rifles, guns, mustard gas pipes, and other artilleries have given the entire game a new look. It is an absolute action based video game provides the players an opportunity to convert into multi-player mode. With revised game servers and highly mechanical attributes this game is going to earn a lot of positive response from the game freaks.


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