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At the 16-stage match one of the Champion’s leagues played at the Emirates Stadium, London, Barcelona’s player Lionel Messi knocked-out Arsenals to a sixth consecutive crash with two significant goals.

It is quite obvious that Barcelona is the most expected winner of the game but you cannot predict anything in the game. Those Gunners have shown their worth in several past moments. They have shown their blasts specially, who could forget the tie between the two and history has proved that they have  knocked out the Catalans in the past.

The London, Emirates arena was all set for the Champion league round of 16 match 1.The home team got immense support from the crowd with a grand collage. Arsenal took the initial step. The beginning was wonderful with accelerated moves from Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The thrill arose when via Mesut Özil moves; the Welshman managed a shot at goal. The effort was hindered by Javier Mascherano’s slide who diverted it from reaching the goal.

It seems that the first half is in the hands of Arsenal who, aggravate their rivals to commit mistakes. Arsenals are fully equipped to overshadow the popular three players from Barcelona team. The half time stroke was a big gust when Luis Suarez blazed a header near the goal but this move is skillfully saved by the Catalans, The Arsenal still thrived and Giroud tried to take the lead which was neutralized well by Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

Another great negligence from Arsenal  to score is the time when Aaron Ramsey fails to prod when he attempted to recover the miss from Danny Welbeck. The attempt was confidently saved by the Barcelona’s goal keeper Ter Stegen
Till the half time both the teams are on the go to beat the other but the second half has moved the Barcelona to exhibit intense performance as within the span of five minutes, Petr Čechhas to face a blowing challenge from the opponents.

It was a moment when Neymar showed his force and after some dramatic moves the Brazilian ran into the box to assist Lionel Messi. Messi caught the ball as Čech dashed towards the goal line. Messi’s ditched the rivals and cech slide to the earth to let the Argentinean hit the goal to give his team their first lead.

Just seven minutes before the conclusion, Arsenals were totally out of form and the desperation heightens when, Mathieu Flamini slid and clashed Messi and the referee announced for the penalty. Messi subtly kicked to  the left as the goal keeper moved right. It was the second goal and the Barcas are now 2-0. A few moments before the final whistle Čech save Arsenals from a Neymar header but still the ball is in the court of Barcelona with a 2-0 win to move ahead in the quarter final of  the champion’s league.


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