From the Balance Beam to A Balance Diet: Ex-Gymnast Melanie Plante goes back to a competition bikini

Since the age of 3, Melanie Plante had been a gymnast. She spent tons of hours in the gym daily. The life of an athlete meant just eat, train, rest, and repeat.
Melanie was very hard-working and disciplined. However, a shoulder injury resulted into the end of her career in college. Soon, she started to fight with weight gains. Bad eating habits and low activity resulted in a health predicament and an inner crisis.
Plante says that she was a gymnast her whole life. Everyone knew her as a confident, happy, and fit girl. And she felt really lost as she left gymnastics and started to gain weight.

Still kind of in disbelief that I did this😍

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She was losing and gaining it again into an endless circuit. Melanie didn’t have a certain goal, and that was her main problem.
Plante decided to set her goal, found a coach, and started to work.
Already in April 2018, eight months later, Melanie completed in the Figure class at the bodybuilding show she participated for the first time in her life. Moreover, she won a Transform for Life category in the annual 250K Transformation Challenge by and got a prize of $10.000.
Melanie says that she has always been fit. But once leaving gymnastics, she felt ashamed and disappointed. Working with coaches and trying various diet programs help just for a while. And in some time, she gained weight again.

After Plante competed in her first bodybuilding competition in August, she felt that this was a turning point for her. Melanie signed up with her coach Steve Pointer and gained a hope of transforming her body at last.
Ex-gymnast got up at before work to train and went to bed at 7 p.m. Melanie spent around 4 hours every weekend grocery shopping. She had her own plan and took her own meals to all vacations and events to follow it. Plante confessed this was very difficult but worth it.
Melanie says that her coach was an integral part of her success because he had everything she needed, knowledge and experience.
He put together her meal plans for Melanie and adjusted the plan every two weeks depending on the reaction of her body. As a rule, the plan consisted of six meals a day every 2.5-3 hours and 1-2 gallons of water per day.
Melanie was training 6 days per week and had one day off. She had 30-40 minutes of cardio upon walking, lifted every day, and had a 20-30 minutes post-workout HIIT cardio or plyometrics. Four days per week Melanie did ab circuits.

Plante confessed that her diet was the most challenging aspect for her, while she used to eat junk food before and now she had to eat what and when it was necessary. But once she noticed the first changes in her body, she became motivated. She refused from the junk food, while it took her back from her goal.
Lots of people, including family, friends, and even strangers, got in touch with Melanie and told her that she gave them hope and motivated them to change. And this was the best motivation for Melanie; she knew that she helped not only herself but other people, as well.
In future, Melanie wants to compete once again. And she doesn’t want to be limited with bodybuilding only. She wants to try her strength in fitness and apply her gymnastic skills.
Melanie used Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12-week trainer and Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to shred program and still keeps using them.



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