B5 For Acne

While I’ve already done another article just recently on Steroids and Acne in which I recommend using Tea Tree Oil as remedy (you can read this on our website for full details), I have a second remedy if you have a really stubborn problem with excess oil on cycle. This works really well for females who get excess oil excreted from their sebaceous glands (sweat glands) when on steroids. If you have oily skin, or even combination skin, like myself, this will work well for you.

First off, don’t forget your tea tree oil. That’s important to your skin care routine, male or female on any steroid cycle. Remember, PCT is when you are most prone to breakouts so don’t slack on your skin care regime on your PCT! In fact, never slack on your skin care regime. What’s the point in working out, having a sexy body but covered by a pizza face? I thought so. So let’s get cracking.

So you want to start with: Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Tea Tree Oil Exfoliator (optional) Tea Tree Oil Toner (a must… use this pre-work out) Tea Tree Oil Wipes (use these for on the go!) Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer – I didn’t mention this in my last article, and that was a complete mistake. I use this daily after a shower and before bed. It makes your skin glow and look visibly clearer.

What am I adding for those with serious oil problems or those on serious cycles? Vitamin B5! That’s right, a simple oral dose 500MG 3x a day (increase to a max of 5000mg, but it’s not likely you’ll need this.)

You will notice a dramatic improvement if you follow all these steps correctly. I get an occasional breakout, but it’s nothing significant or to cry about. I truly believe in these techniques. If you don’t have extreme break outs or excess oil don’t bother with the B5, as it can be a bit pricey in high volumes, but it IS worth price if you do have problems.

I always recommend these measures over harsh creams like Benzoyl Peroxide, Retinol A or even Salicylic acid. People are undereducated on the dangers of these creams, they actually burn through your skin to get rid of the acne.

Acne is not superficial, it is caused by hormonal imbalances or changes or excess oil. Why do you think we get acne on steroids? Acne is not incurable; it is simply treated wrong in a lot of cases, because it is looked at superficial condition, and treated as such. Why is birth control prescribed for acne? It balances females hormones when they are “out of whack.” While I don’t recommend this, it does prove my point well.

When treated with the right things acne and steroids is not problem, nor does it really exist.

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