Australian MP gave the idea of one more national holiday
Andrew Leigh, Australian MP talking to press about Deliberation day

A new national holiday named Deliberation Day to be introduced by Australian MP Andrew Leigh!

What is the motto behind this holiday? Australian MP wants to strengthen the voters. Deliberation Day would be celebrated before significant elections.

Andrew Leigh floated this idea earlier today. The Australian MP thinks it would give voters to have a better thought process in the mean time. U.S was the inspiration for this idea. He wants voters to have some time to think through their decisions.

This will not only improve the fairness in elections but will also lead to an educated nation.

Australian MP Dr. Andrew Leigh.
Andrew Leigh an Australian MP gave the idea of celebrating Deliberation Day

Two is always better than one. Discussion is the best way to learn things. The people would have enough time on their hands to actually study the candidate they will support.

The concept of Deliberation Day was first rolled out in 2004 by James Fishkin and Bruce Ackerman. James Fishkin and Bruce Ackerman are two famous political scientists. They proposed that Deliberation Day be celebrated one week before the elections.

Lord Goldsmith former Attorney General also gave a similar idea in year 2008.

So what would exactly Delibration Day celebrations mean? There would be discussions, creating awareness, educating people. Giving them a better insight to problems. The celebrations will rather be an opportunity to educate the community.

Well read people are always well informed! Since democracy is by the people and for the people. It would be more like small community meetings. This is a rising trend in the U.S.

The Australian MP also stated that the dramatic changes will most likely not take place. Australia supports compulsory voting. Well it would certainly not harm Australian’s to enjoy one more national holiday.

Would do you think about Australian MP’s notion? I personally think that this is such a nice way to raise awareness. People should be able to evaluate their options. Better information will cause better decisions.

Do let us know know in the comments section your views on Australian MP’s notion.

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