Attack on Titan Season 2
(Image: Youtube Screen Grabber)

The popularity of the Attack on Titan season 2 has only been gaining momentum in its off-season while its viewers and fans of the original printed manga discuss their suspicions for the upcoming season. While it was expected to follow its original manga events, it is now believed to be geared in a new direction.

Although fans may face anxiety that original thing is being changed. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and the Survey Corp will continue their story, but the origins of the Titans and the development of the walls adds a much-needed history.

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Further raising excitement rumors have leaked as to the further development of shape-shifting characters Zeke and Eren. Both with the ability to morph into a titan, Zeke is said to now have the capacity to retain his free will when transformed. Possible to return with Zeke are new Titans, but it is not known whether they will join the good guys or baddies. The last exciting addition is supposedly a beast Titan with power beyond all other Titans.

Shock, the Reiss family has a Lost Daughter. It will be revealed that Krista’s real name is Historia Reiss under which she holds much power. Rumors are that in Titan’ Season 2 there will be a beast that will be a major character in the story because that will be stronger than the others. The Attack on Titan season 2 will be aired on February 2017.


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