attack on titan season 2
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The upcoming Attack on Titan Season 2 season will definitely see a new story arc and it will most likely be something which the fans have not read. Although, the date of release has not been officially announced, there is already a lot excitement and buzz in the air! At the moment, fans can only speculate about the focus in the new story arc.

According to ‘ChattSports’, to cover in season 2 ‘Attack on Titan’, Hajime Isayama has three new interesting story arcs. But some fans speculatively feel that in the upcoming season, only two story arcs are really enough.

In the manga and in the first arc, the 5th story is the Attack of Titans. Reports have claimed that Colossus Titan has appeared in the promotional poster and this creates a huge chance for the first arc to be covered. ‘News Everyday’ has reported that the poster is depicting a wall which Colossus Titan is trying to break while Armin, Eren and Mikasa are preparing to fight against another Titan.

There are reportedly 15 chapters in the story arc of Attack of Titans while there are 36 chapters in the new Uprising arc of Season 2 “Attack on Titan”. The sixth story is actually the Uprising in the manga. Here, the focus is primarily on Minister Nick’s murder and the kidnapping attempt of Eren and Historia by Jean and Armin.

The new story is suggested to pick up from where Annie Leonhart was last seen covered in a crystal. The upcoming Season 2 of “Attack on Titan” is slated to be released sometime in April, 2017.


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