Attack On Titan Season 2 Air Date
(Image : Youtube)

The prodigy that is Attack on Titan will be back with Season two by April 2017. After a long wait and hopes that it will come sooner fans are finally graced with an official Attack On Titan Season 2 Air Date. It has been two years since Attack on Titan Season 1 ended and now Attack On Titan Season 2 is finally on its way. The first announcement regarding the series was way back November 2104, however, the actual public confirmation was just done recently. There are also spoilers floating about online which are making fans expect that Attack On Titan Season 2 will revolve around the life stories of the show’s main characters, namely Eren and Mikasa plus the rest of the Survey Corp once the show returns.

Some reports suggest that Eren will be transforming to his titan form to battle it out with the Colossus Titan wouldn’t that be an epic fight, though fans are not sure how that will go since Eren’s titan form is still relatively smaller that the Colossus Titan. Moreover, the question of the titan’s existence may be answered in Attack On Titan Season 2. As the first season did show Eren’s father injecting him with a serum, season two may explain how the ability actually works.

Eren’s father, Dr. Yeager, believed that the only way mankind can stop leaving behind the walls in fear of their own world, in fear of titans, is to have a human transforming into a titan and bring peace and security to the people.

Attack On Titan Season 2 will be bringing new titans into the show. There is even a scene that while Eren is battling it out with the Colossus titan, the Armored titan is just on standby watching the brawl.


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