Attack On Titan
(Credits : Youtube)

Attack on Titan fans have been clamoring for more after Season 1 of the anime finished airing some three years ago. Since then there has been much speculation to when Season 2 of the hit anime will come out.

For fans out there, all the guessing is finally over as it has been officially announced that Attack on Titan Season 2 is scheduled for release in April of 2017. As of now it is already under production and looks to be released without any more delays.

Here are some of what is to be expected in the upcoming Attack on Titan Season 2:

  • Sticking to Canon

Chances are that the anime will continue to follow the manga for Season 2. If this holds true then the “Beast Titan” will be introduced here. Many anime series are known to stray away from the manga for reasons such as adding elements of surprise to captivate even those who already read the manga, the same is not certain for the Attack on Titan series.

  • Eren and the Titans

It’s expected for this Season to focus on Eren and his links to the Titans. His journey on the path of self-discovery. It is speculated that Commander Erwin gives up his arm to save Eren, and is fighting off Titans to honor the sacrifice made for him.

Also, he learns of Doctor Grisha Yeager’s secret when he goes to the basement. Which is something fans would also like to know and have been wondering about ever since the first season came to an end.

Eren also finds out information about Zeke- he figures that Zeke is his brother. He also figures that Zeke was manipulated to fight against the Titans.


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