Atlanta Braves‬ Versus ‪New York
Atlanta Braves‬ Versus ‪New York

Who will win today in Major League Baseball match today? Atlanta Braves or The New York Mets?

Atlanta Braves‬ Versus ‪New York


Today we will witness the greatest rivalry of all time when two of the most amazing teams come against each other; Atlanta Braves will face the New York Mets today.

Who will be the ultimate champion of this season’s Major League Baseball?

According to major predictions New York Mets will win this season but who knows what will happen.

So where can you see the mighty match?

You can see the match by buying a ticket to the first game of this season’s MLB, well that would be very tough now unless you have had the tickets for a long time because they were already sold out by November, 2016.

The mighty display of legendary rivalry will take place this Monday. April, 3rd, 2017 at Citi Field in Queens, New York

So what are your other options?

You can catch the match live on ESPN or SNY.

This season is all set to open today with New York Mets facing Atlanta Braves in Queen’s New York today.

The match will begin at 11:30 am and at around 01:10pm, the first pitch will be delivered by New York Mets’ Noah Syndergaard to Atlanta Braves’ outfielder Ender Inciarte and will be opposed by the very active right hander swift player Julio Teheran.

He is fast like a puma.

Atlanta Braves‬ Versus ‪New York

From the commentators box we will be hearing Keith Hernandez a former Met player, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling will join him this season for his commentary, it marks as Keith Hernandez’s 12th year of fun filled and enthusiastic commentary for the famous sports channel ESPN.

Do not forget to catch them live this season with their colorful and fun filled commentary and some scintillating sports action live on ESPN and what can be better than enjoying this jaw dropping, nerve wrenching game live in the Citi Field stadium, Queens, New York.

So bites on popcorns, hotdogs or your favorite snacks and enjoy this throbbing game filled with so much excitement.

The venue as always will be same, the stage has been set and all the workers are busy cleaning the Citi Field, what better way to spend your Monday evening?

Who are you rooting for? Like all I am rooting for the New York Mets to win this season’s opening match and continue with their winning streak hopefully, only time can answer this question till then we can watch the match and predict ourselves who will outshine others this season.

The New York Mets have still not forgotten the devastating defeat they faced last year at the hands of San Francisco Giants in their home ground in the Major League Baseball wild card game. The cause of their loss could be attributed to the fact that half of their team was injured and their starting lineup was too weak to stand against their rivals San Francisco Giants who have been doing pretty well lately.

This season New York Mets are very optimistic considering their fitness and performance in the training sessions and practice matches, they believe in themselves and in the love of their fans and think that they can stride past this season to score the trophy against their rivals. They also believe that they are well scored and have sufficient depth at every position to compete against their rivals.

Let’s hope that this season will be season of New York Mets and they will be victorious against their rivals, hopefully defeating them in every game this season, throwing them out and standing triumphant against their rivals.

You can also catch the live broadcast of the whole match live at radio station 710 AM/1050 AM but in Spanish language so let’s hope you are proficient at Spanish otherwise you will be at great loss if you are about to hit the road on evening of Monday, April, 3rd, 2017


There are plenty of Atlanta Braves supporter and considering their fitness throughout their practice sessions they are not to be considered lightly and can turn out to be tough rivals against our personal favorite New York Mets.

Do not miss out on the live action, this Monday, April, 3rd, 2017.

Watch out for the online updates of Atlanta Braves versus New York Mets at our site or catch it live on television on ESPN or SNY.

We will sing off with the wish that may the best time win in Atlanta Braves versus New York Mets match. Adios.