(Credits : pcmag.com)

Most of us would be shocked to know that artificial intelligence have plunged into artsy abilities and thus has glamorized artificial intelligence even more. Until now, generating a computer program or a robot that could paint was a dream. However, thanks to the ingenious team of German researchers from the University of Tubingen for making this dream come true.

The talented team of German experts has worked extremely hard to create an algorithm that would transform visual experiences into paintings. The coolest thing about this algorithm is that by learning and using the painting styles of famous painters, the programmed algorithm would use an artificial neural network of computers in order to accurately learn how to paint and thus apply these pro-expertise in creating a new classical painting.

Artificial neural networks are statistical learning computers that use models inspired by biological neural networks, more precisely the human brain. These networks are designed in the same way just like neurons that work under a certain sensory input, like an image. Although, this awe-inspiring technology was already used in in hand and speech recognition and weather forecasts as well as medical treatment, still, its new application in expert painting is truly amazing news for fans.

You would be amazed to know that this algorithm would comprehend the personal painting styles of professional painters such as J.M.Turner, Vicent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Let’s see how artificial intelligence offer us how many more wonders.


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