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The name Siri pops up in mind when we talk about artificial intelligence and kudos to Apple for making us familiar with this astounding, breath-taking and jaw-dropping offering. Siri if compared with Cortana and others, turns out to be the odd one out with its truly mesmerizing features.

The story of Apple’s artificial intelligence is very phenomenal as it stole the show in its first installment. The latest advancement has put us in awe as Apple has purchased Perceptio, which is considered to be a milestone in artificial intelligence.

For all those who are new to this world of artificial intelligence, Perceptio is an advanced technology that allows smartphone companies to generate advanced artificial intelligence systems. With this new collaboration with Perceptio, the iPhone will add image-recognition systems to its artificial intelligence and thus a new feather in its cap has appeared. Another news regards to artificial intelligence is on the cards which is enabling of a complex neural network algorithms on smartphones and would lead to new steps. Apple team is working its extreme best to figure out issues associated with Apple and make it a dream application.

Let’s wait and watch as what Apple is offering us in near future when it comes to artificial intelligence.

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