Artemus Dolgin Showed How 15 Years of Hard Training Changed His Body

Artemus Dolgin is a very interesting character in the world of the sport. His fans are attracted by Dolgin’s very unusual charisma and a bright personality of the bodybuilder. Moreover, many people watch the sportsman’s social accounts to learn more about his training routine and some professional secrets.

Dolgin loves communicating with his fans and sharing his special life philosophy writing about different issues in bodybuilding. This time the sportsman decided to speak about things that are important for reaching success being a bodybuilder.

Artemus is often told that his success is a result of his incredible genetics and inborn qualities. The sportsman has never tried to discuss this fact before, however, this time he decided to speak up.

The bodybuilder told that it was not his genetics that made him successful and famous but something more rare and special. Artemus told that the special secret that made him different from other sportsmen was his passion for the sport.

He also told that he saw only a few people having that special passion and all of them managed to become successful. Dolgin told that no matter which inborn qualities people had, their hard work, their passion, and desire to reach their goals always were the determining factors to lead them to the top.

To prove his words, Dolgin posted a picture of himself being 18 years old. It’s visible that Artemus was strong and sporty even being very young. However, it’s also obvious that the sportsman had to work insanely hard to create the body he has now. The difference is really incredible!

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We all start somewhere. What matters is how you finish. That's me at 33 vs 18 yo. My calves still the same tho haha I wanted to share with you some of my observations from the past weekend. I seen many many fans, not just my fans, in general Bodybuilding and Fitness fans. I also got a chance to see how the fans work out. It's not about negativity here, it's my advice to you, that will explain the whole idea of being really really good at fitness and being in shape and muscular and being ripped and bluh bluh bluh, all you want basically! I see that many have no idea what working out is all about. Like none. They literarily just jerk off…(not themselves the machines) there is absolutely 0 understanding what they doing and why they doing it. You see a lot less people in shape in the gym than in shape. They may wear the latest cookie cutter brand tshirt and the latest supplement and do all the fancy exercises and still be ridiculously out of shape. Forums are stacked with the experts tho haha those fuckers are nasty haters too..anyways what truly sets you a part is one simple thing, PASSION. You gotta love and enjoy the process with all the set backs and plateaus and long long years of continuous effort in every damn set. I rarely see really really passionate guys in the gym, you usually can spot them very easy. They have an aura about them that shines and motivates. Now imagine everyone in the gym like that, the place is on fire. Thats how old Golds was btw, buzzing n shnazzing (is there a word like that?)That's the energy i feel when we work out with our team. People who been to our camps know and seen and felt it. They seen the difference between the trend and real Passion. It took me years to figure out things on training and dieting but my passion was always there and I progressed even when I didn't grow. With the current technology, You have all the tools and access to knowledge! Put everything on the line in every set, every work out, every day for many many years, to the rest of your life! It's all or nothing attitude will set you apart from the crowd and make you that hardest working Mofo at the gym… results will be far greater than you think!

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How to put on muscle mass fast? It is the most asked question in bodybuilding. Especially if you are ectomorph – thin build, long limbs, small joints and thin bones. As I promised I’ll break down each body type and what kind of training and nutrition needed to achieve results. Ectomorphs(perfect example my pic on the left) have a difficult time putting on muscle mass because their metabolism has a tendency to run higher than other body types. In the sport we call them “hard gainers”. It’s a curse but also can be a blessing. I got into bodybuilding being a small, skinny kid. I spent countless hours, weeks, months and years researching and experimenting with programs, diets, supplements n towards the end of my 20s with gear. If you are an ectomorph you are here for a long ride. So before anything you gotta accept the fact that it will take a lot of time before you become anywhere close to massive. Don’t worry, it’s still possible and actually fun – as you can get away with eating more cheat meals n get lean gains 😉 The best diet for an ectomorph is one higher in carbs n calories. Around 50-60 % of calories should come from carbs, 35% from protein n the rest from fats. I recommend eating every 2 hours and once you excel at that, eat every 1 hr (that’s what I did on the photo on the right 8-10 meals a day, but that’s extreme). Prioritize warm food over cold (Better for digestion). Carbs sources: stretchy – oats, rice, quinoa, regular n sweet potatoes. Best protein – steak, steak and steak, red meat is a staple of ectomorphs diet. When It comes down to cardio, it’s minimal and only done for health reasons, 2-3 times a week 30 mins a session. As far as lifting goes, you must lift heavy.4-5 sets per exercise,16-20 sets for a larger muscle group, with 90 seconds rest between 6-12 reps. I recommend doin 1 muscle group every 5 days and 1-2 days off a week with focuse on eating. As i said it is a long journey but I do believe ectomorphs are the most aesthetically pleasing when developed – Steeve Reeves, Frank Zane, me 😉 I hope this helps – don’t give up, the journey is way more fun than results. If you have additional questions, ask. #transformationtuesday

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