Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger To Voice Lee Stan’s Last Character and Talks Flying Kick

Arnold Schwarzenegger is well-known for being unstoppable. He is a real motivation for the new generation. He is hard-working and successful in everything he does, whether it is his actor’s career, sports events coordination, or managing and promoting his supplement company Ladder. This fitness icon seems to be able to do anything in life.

Before Stan Lee passed away last year, they were great friends with Schwarzenegger and cooperated frequently with each other, working on different projects.


In his interview to the Business Insider, Arnold talks about Lee’s final project, in which Schwarzenegger voices the main character.

‘Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten’ is the name of the show. It is very similar to the 1990 film called ‘Kindergarten Cop’ (Jon Kimble was the character played by Arnold).

Arnold Armstrong is a retired superhero teaching kids how to use their powers when growing up. Fabian Nicieza, the Deadpool co-creator, is also the part of the project, apart from Lee and Schwarzenegger.

The interview with Business Insider started with the question about the fan who kicked Arnold at his African sports event recently.

 “To me, it’s still kind of stunning. I thought some kid kind of tripped and fell onto me or something like that,” said Schwarzenegger. I almost didn’t feel it, it was kind of a push. And since then, everywhere I go people are asking if I’m OK. Thousands of people are writing to me. It’s pretty crazy the way this stuff works.”

Then Schwarzenegger explained about his talks with Stan Lee before he passed away.

 “Oh yeah, years before his passing. It was a coincidence. We would get together every so often and talk about ideas and projects. And he asked me, “What is your ultimate dream project?” And I said beside doing more “Conan” and “Terminator” movies, the movie that I always wanted to do a sequel of was “Kindergarten Cop.” And he said that he loved that movie. I told him I would love to do more shows for the kids.

It was always difficult for me. When I was the action hero in the ’80s and ’90s, they wouldn’t allow me to do any comedy or anything for kids. They were like, “No, we know we are going to make money with you if you do action movies.” So literally for “Twins” I took no salary — I just wanted to give it a shot. And it just happened to be my first movie to make $100 million domestic. So they realized that it works, Schwarzenegger can cross over.

So I told Stan that story and that I was always frustrated that I couldn’t do more kids shows and cross over more. And there was a look in his eyes. I could see him daydreaming for a few seconds”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that this TV show was his first animated one, also, this is his first kids-oriented show. Moreover, it is fitness related. He mentioned that this show is great and encouraging for kids. Stan’s Lee voice is featured in each episode.

Let’s look forward to a great creation by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee.



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