Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger Unexpectedly Returned his Lost 1969 Mr. Universe Trophy

Arnie won the Trophy after winning NABBA (National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association) Universe contest in London in 1969.

But after he returned home, a surprise was waiting for him. His mom Aurelia gave the trophy to a fan for no reasons and didn’t even tell her son about that.

His mother actually handed the Trophy over to two stone-cutters. Their home is now well-known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum.

Instagram: @flexgymbudapest

The sister of a Bench Press champion Lorand Berke stumbled across the trophy in 2016, she bought it from the workers. Then it was given to Lorand as he won the Hungarian Bench Press Championship in 2017, 15 December.

Sure, Lorand was excited and sent few trophy pics to his friend Adam from Flex Gym in Budapest.

Later, Adam was working out at the Gold’s Gym Venice and saw Schwarzenegger there. He asked for a picture with the star. Coincidently, Adam showed the trophy pictures to Arnold. Mr. Universe 1969 recognized his prize lost many years ago.

Arnold would have to be in Budapest for the new “Terminator” movie soon. Adam and Schwarzenegger arranged a meeting at the Flex Gym Budapest.

Adam of Flex Gym posted on Instagram that he was happy to contribute to that historical event. Arnold got back his 1969 trophy from Adam’s friend, Lorand Berke. Being just a humble athlete, Lorand broke off his summer holiday to come and give back Schwarzenegger’s cup.


The guys arranged everything as Arnold wished. He was very happy and touched. It was a lifelong experience for Lorand.

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