Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Training Together With His Son

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a role model and an inspiration for generations of sportsmen. Even now when the bodybuilding legend is 71 years old, he keeps being an example for thousands of people around the world.

However, we have a great chance to get ‘Second Arnold Schwarzenegger’ in the history of bodybuilding. A son of Arnold Joseph Baena who is now 21 years old got interested in bodybuilding.

Joseph is making his first steps in the sport and, probably, preparing for his first professional bodybuilding competition. Followers of the young man noticed that he started to resemble his father at the time when Arnold was young.

Joseph Baena inherited great genetics. He has classic body proportions that are excellent for bodybuilding. Joseph has already managed to build a great body in quite a short time.

Young bodybuilder shares his story with his Instagram followers, posting his training videos and photos. Joseph says he trains without a coach, however, his father is always willing to help him and to give some recommendations.

Recently internet users were amazed by a video that shows how Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph Baena are training together. In that video Arnold looks like a great trainer and a supervisor to his son.

Perhaps, very soon we are able to see the result of the hard work of Joseph. According to some information shared in the account of Schwarzenegger’s son, he is already preparing for his first stage performance. Joseph will present Classic Physique division.

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