Arnold Schwarzenegger Took Part In Creating Funny Commercial Together With DJ Khalid And LeBron James

Arnold Schwarzenegger is more than just a sportsman, he’s a living symbol of bodybuilding and an immortal legend of the sport. Arnold has gone a long way from a sports enthusiast to the best world’s bodybuilder. However, while the sport takes a significant part of his life, he has always been interested in lots of other things.

The sports celebrity is also one of the best and, surely, one of the most popular actors in the world, he’s also a former politician and an active social character eager to make the world better. It’s easy to say that Schwarzenegger is a goal-oriented and strong-willed person, however, he’s also a very positive man who loves to smile and to joke.

This time Schwarzenegger made his fans wonder again taking part in a funny commercial. This time his partners were DJ Khaled and LeBron James. The sportsmen were advertising their own protein supplements for active people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, and Lindsey Vonn teamed up last year to create their own wellness company for producing products aimed at sportsmen and active people. The company is called ‘Ladder’.

The company now offers several kinds of protein powders, a green powder and an energy powder. It’s also planned to produce some types of healthy snacks. All products are organic and can be used as a part of a healthy diet.

The company’s founders hope that their company will grow into something more than a commercial project. It’s also aimed at educating people and bringing more knowledge about healthy lifestyle to them. The company’s site contains lots of useful articles and recommendations to consumers.

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