Sunday, April 11, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger Told That Fighting His Psychological Problems Led Him To Bodybuilding

What does stand behind a great success of one of the greatest bodybuilders in the history of the sport? Looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is difficult to guess a real reason.

Even those people who know almost nothing about the sport, can recognize the sportsman and tell his name easily. No matter when you were born or where you live, you know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is.

The sportsman has stayed a bodybuilding idol for years and inspired several generations of young men for going to a gym. Even now, when Arnold is 71 he keeps looking strong and has a great physique. Now, when his younger son is preparing to take part in the professional competition, Schwarzenegger keeps visit gym and watches everything he eats for a dinner.

What can motivate a person to be so devoted to the fitness routine year after a year? When most of the sportsman’s fans think that Arnold is in love with the sport and simply can’t imagine his happy life without lifting weights and eating some roasted chicken, he made a surprising confession that has never been heard before.

Answering a question during one of his latest interviews, Schwarzenegger confessed that he had fought some self-esteem problems for all his life. Since a very early age, Arnold has become very critical to his appearance. He could not feel well, having an average body and decided to improve the situation with some exercises.

Battling body dysmorphia that is actually a quite dangerous psychological disorder made Arnold never miss training and always search for a new way to build a greater body.

Even visible progress could never satisfy Arnold. According to his own words, the sportsman has always seen lots of reasons to work even harder. After winning some serious bodybuilding contests and becoming a role model and a golden standard for millions of bodybuilders, Schwarzenegger has never been happy with how he looks.

Even now being 71, the sportsman steel fights body dysmorphia. This disorder doesn’t allow him to stop caring about how he looks and makes him go to a gym even when he’s very busy or tired.

According to the annual report, body dysmorphia leads to serious consequences in a growing number of cases. The number of people who are never satisfied with the way their body looks is increasing. Dysmorphia can lead to numerous nutrition disorders, serious depressions, and even suicides.  

However, in some rare cases, body dysmorphia becomes a reason to build a great body and an excellent physique. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an inspiring example of how a psychological issue that you can’t overcome can become a helping tool on the way to success.

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