It’s hard to believe that bodybuilding as a separate sport with its rules and standards appeared more than a century ago. The sport that many think is new was formed in the 19th century.

However, bodybuilding gained its great popularity only in the 1980’s. And most sports experts call Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘the first figure for the sport’s popularization’. Arnold became the earliest popular actor to demonstrate an impressive physique on a TV screen.

His first action movie became a real bomb. Perhaps, a few people can remember what the film was about, however, almost everyone remembers how Schwarzenegger looked in the film.

The new era of strength training, bodybuilding and gyms started right after a bright debut of Schwarzenegger as an actor. His poster was a necessary attribute of any gym, it could be found in a room of any teenager or a young man who was interested in sports.

Even those who refuse to connect the sport’s popularity with Arnold’s debut, can’t deny the fact that the actor has done a lot for the sport to become recognized and popular. Who knows if bodybuilding would be as famous and respected as it is now, if not those early action films with Arnold.

Even after several decades, when the actor is older than 70, he keeps inspiring people and motivating them for new sports achievements.

Schwarzenegger is still recognized, respected and loved. There are people of different age among his fans – not only those who watched his first films 30-40 years ago.

Who knows how many fans of Schwarzenegger tried to dress like his movie characters this Halloween. However, at least three of them are famous now. Three young sportsmen dressed like their cult-hero and went to celebrate Halloween together. Just imagine how surprised they became when the real Arnold joined them later!

Noticing a group of his fans, Arnold approached them on his bicycle and took a common photo. That was a really pleasant shock for young people. No doubts, they will remember this Halloween forever!


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