Arnold Schwarzenegger Showed How He Trained His Son

Joseph Baena is a young sportsman who has just started his sports career. However, 21-year-old sportsman has one very serious advantage in front of his young colleagues.  Joseph is a son of one of the greatest sportsmen in the history of bodybuilding.

The young man inherited great gens of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has his father’s features and the ability to work hard and to develop the muscle mass very fast. However, when your father is the best world’s bodybuilder, you may also have another great bonus.

Arnold is not only a role-model and a true inspiration for his son, but also a wise and experienced trainer. Joseph Baena has repeatedly told he trains without a coach, however, he doesn’t deny the fact that his father, who is also his training partner, helps Joseph with building a great training strategy and gives useful advice about nutrition and dieting.

Fans and followers of Joseph Baena have noticed some very impressive changes in the body of the young sportsman. What is even more incredible is that these transformations have happened in a very short time. It may speak about two things. First, genetics really plays a great role for a bodybuilder, and results of Arnold’s son is the best example of that. Second, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a talented coach who knows how to build the correct training strategy and to inspire Joseph.

Recently, Baena has revealed that he was preparing for his first professional competition. It means, that his workouts are aimed at developing a great body of a competing sportsman. Joseph has always shared many video and photo posts showing his training routine and some of the useful tips and rare exercises. This information may be a great guide for those who are planning to start their professional career and are looking for some useful tips.

Bodybuilding Priest has collected the best video and photo tips that demonstrate the way Arnold trains his son and, at the same time, can become a great video encyclopedia for young sportsmen.



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