Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger Showed His Rare Photo

Great sportsmen motivate us to go to a gym. Often, looking at some bodybuilding legends is enough to feel motivated and full of energy for new training. We want to look like them and we ready to work hard for that.

However, pictures of the greatest sportsmen may also work in the opposite way. Some people may look at those incredible bodies and unbelievable proportions, compare them with their own muscles and feel totally embarrassed.

‘I can never be like that!’, ‘I need ages to reach this result!’, ‘I’ve been working in a gym for 5 years and still far from looking like he does’. If you ever had thought like that, you understand that having a great example in front of your eyes is not only a blessing but a real curse as well.

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a very personal fact of having a psychological issue. He told that he had been suffering from low self-esteem and being too critical to himself. These problems pushed him to become a great bodybuilder and help him to stay fit and strong even now being 71 y.o. The sports star simply can’t be satisfied with the way he looks and feels he needs to do something to improve that.

However, having such a psychological disorder makes a person suffer. Arnold knows it better than anyone and he tries to help his followers and subscribers to avoid similar problems. Schwarzenegger makes a lot to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy thinking. He shares some great training tips and diet recommendations. However, he also speaks much about the power of the mind, the importance of positive thinking and inner harmony.

This time, Arnold decided to show his fans that he once started his way to success being just a boy, having no incredibly massive muscles and champion titles. The sportsman shared a very rare photo of him being 16 y.o. No doubts, young Schwarzenegger looked stronger than many teenagers of the same age, however, he used to look absolutely different from a muscle beast we all know now.

Way to your aim can be longer than you can imagine. However, it’s nice to know that people who are our examples and idols used to be on the same point as we are now.

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