Saturday, May 8, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger Showed Some Backstage Details of Arnold Strongman Pro USA Qualifier

Arnold Strongman Pro is a really special event in the world of bodybuilding and strength sports. It’s visited by thousands of people including great sportsmen and those who are interested to see them. Moreover, people like to watch it online or on a TV screen. In general, it’s seen by millions of people globally and the popularity of the contest is growing.

However, only a few people can see what is going on under the hood. There are always a lot of questions and even legends about the organization of the event. Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to change the situation and let us see what is going on behind the stage and how everything is prepared for the eyes of hundreds of visitors.

The famous sportsman and actually the main manager and co-founder of the show revealed some great and interesting details that have never been showed or known before.

Perhaps, you think that interesting things happen on the stage only. However, some things that always stay hidden may amaze you too. Moreover, such an excursion is a great way to prepare inexperienced sportsmen for their future competitions and to make them understand how the contests are held.

There are only a few organizations that are ready to show you things that usually stay behind the curtains. However, Arnold is more than just an entrepreneur in the sphere, he has always been interested in making the sport more interesting, more popular and available for people.

What else can be interesting to see? Perhaps, you will also enjoy looking at and listening to the sports legend himself. Arnold is a great example of a person that loves the things he does. His attitude to the sport is really inspiring.

Watch the video to see what’s going on behind the stage of Arnold Pro Strongman!

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