Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pets a Huge Lion in South Africa

No doubts, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very special and inspiring figure in the worlds of sport. However, he is famous, not only due to his sports career.

Arnold is a known social activist who tries to make the life of young people better all over the world. While the sportsman has already influenced the destiny of thousands of young and talented people in the USA where he lives, he also tries to do something good for more distant countries.

This weekend Schwarzenegger has a very special mission in South Africa. The aim of his visit was to support organizations that help young sportsmen and gifted children to get a proper chance in their life.

However, this time, Arnold’s visit was full of unexpected adventures. Yesterday Schwarzenegger was attacked by an unknown local man. Fortunately, the sportsman was not seriously hurt or injured and could continue his visit as it was planned.

Fans of the sportsman were worried about Arnold and pleasantly surprised by his braveness. Perhaps, Arnold decided to make a surprise for those who admire him, showing that he is even more courageous that anyone could imagine.

The sportsman shared a short video of himself walking near to wild lions that could move freely around the place. At one moment the sports celebrity touched a big grown-up lion, petting him.

The video became a real sensation and has quickly become a new internet hit among Arnold’s fans.

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