Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only a bodybuilding legend and a talented actor he is also a role model for many generations, an influencer, and a political figure. While now Arnold is out of the game, the ex-governor of California is still very interested in policy.

Now Arnold prefers to avoid topics about policy and rarely comments on the current situation in the country. However, it’s been known that Schwarzenegger is not satisfied with the policy of the current US president and many of the decisions he takes.

Arnold has always been very tolerant and careful with the things he says. However, the recent news about Donald Trump planning to cut funding for afterschool programs has made the sportsman very angry.

The former governor of California used his Instagram account to leave a message to the president and to address US citizens searching for support. It looks like the tactic of the legendary bodybuilder was quite wise. His message has already been watched more than a million times and supported with lots of likes and comments.

Fans of the sportsman were amazed by the wisdom of his words. Many people also said it was the first time they saw the actor being so emotional and disappointed. Arnold has always protected programs aimed at helping young people to reach their goals. The decision to cut spends on afterschool programs could never be supported by Arnold.

Even being out of policy Schwarzenegger can influence current events with the support of an army of his fans. Schwarzenegger has one of the most popular social accounts with around 17 million people watching his posts. Perhaps, very soon his message will make the desired effect and will catch the attention of the president.


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