Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Attacked In South Africa

This weekend Arnold Schwarzenegger became the most discussed person in South Africa. The popular actor and former bodybuilding champion proved he is just as cool as we see him on the TV screen.

This weekend the celebrity visited South Africa to support local communities and organizations that help young people to study, train, and to develop their inborn skills. During the visit, the sportsman planned to meet some of his old friends, including popular enthusiasts who work for making life better for young kids from poor families.

It’s not the first visit of Arnold who loves South Africa and tries to help locals in need there. The sports legend has always been welcomed and recognized during his visits to South Africa. However, this time a very upsetting situation happened.

Arnold, who is known for having no bodyguards with him while he travels, was attacked by an unknown man during a visit to sports contest. Schwarzenegger came to support participants of the contest and had a friendly chat with some of his fellows, while a man from the crowd attacked the sportsman from his back.

The attacker jumped, kicking Schwarzenegger in the back. Fortunately, Arnold managed to keep the balance and stayed on his feet. He looked unpleasantly surprised, however, stayed calm and cool. The attacker was quickly caught and isolated.

The sportsman felt well and continued his planned deals like nothing happened. A day later the sportsman commented on the case to stop rumors around the situation. He told that, perhaps, the man planned to attack him to get some fame.

That’s why Schwarzenegger denied telling the name or any other personal data of the attacker. The ex-champion posted a video of him being attacked; however, he cropped the video not to show a face of the attacker.

While fans of the sportsman were shocked with such news, they supported Arnold, calling him a real-life hero and complementing his courage and self-control.

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