The offseason is going to be over soon. So, it’s the correct time to think about how professional sportsmen will look on the professional bodybuilding stage.

Most fans of the sport are missing the time when they felt intrigued before the great bodybuilding competition and were worried about their favorite sportsmen. This time is getting closer and it looks like this year the main competitions are going to be even more interesting and hot than they used to be in 2018.

The topic to discuss now is the upcoming Arnold Classic professional bodybuilding contest. There are some weeks only before we can see the world’s best bodybuilders standing on the Arnold’s stage.

The sportsmen still have some time to work on their bodies and to improve their results. However, seeing their current results may give us a good understanding of their potential to win the competition.

Fazi Fitness has checked the latest pictures and videos of the most interesting participants of the Arnold Classic contest. This allows to evaluate the current shape of the bodybuilders and to understand how hard and successful their work has been during the offseason.

The upcoming Arnold Classic contest is the first professional competition of the global meaning in 2019. It opens the competing season and attracts hundreds of sportsmen from all countries of the world.

This year the competition is going to be especially interesting and very intriguing. The sports experts tell that we can witness a lot of changes in the world of bodybuilding.



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