Saturday, May 8, 2021

Arnold Classic Australia 2019 Results

Australian Arnold Classic is not only a popular professional competition and a bright bodybuilding show but also a second chance for many sportsmen to compete for getting the desired result.

This year the competition in Australia has become a meeting point for many great bodybuilders and bright sports celebrities. The contest was very harsh and intriguing. However, it’s over now and it’s the right time to celebrate new Arnold Classic champions in different divisions.

This year the winners are William Bonac (Men’s Open Bodybuilding), Janet Layug (Bikini), Ryall Graber (Fitness), Jessica Reyes Padilla (Figure). The fuller list of top-participant of this year Australian Arnold Classic and their results is posted below.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

  1. William Bonac;
  2. Cedric Mcmillan;
  3. Roelly Winklaar;
  4. Josh Lenartowicz;
  5. Luke Sandoe;
  6. Steve Orton.

Bikini Results

  1. Janet Layug;
  2. Lauralie Chapados;
  3. Breena Martinez;
  4. Ness Herrera;
  5. Ha Neul Seong;
  6. Regina Tan.

Fitness Results

  1. Ryall Graber;
  2. Whitney Jones;
  3. Missy Farrell-Truscott;
  4. Kate Errington;
  5. Kristy Fenster-Avery;
  6. Carly Dunn.

Figure Results

  1. Jessica Reyes Padilla;
  2. Bojana Vasiljevic;
  3. Tarryn Garlington;
  4. Camala Rodriguez;
  5. Carly Starling-Horrell;
  6. Yvette Brown.

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