Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc

Thursday, The 30th of July, Arena Pharmaceuticals saw a loss at the market. They were faced with a loss of -2.93%, and closed their last trading session at a share price of $3.97.

The reason behind this is unknown but recently the company announced that it will be conducting a conference call which will be discussing the results for the second quarter of the financial year. Along with the conference call a webcast will also be occurring at the same time. The call and webcast will be occurring on Wednesday the 5th of August and the company will also be releasing the financial results on the same day, just before the market closes.

Arena Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company which is based in San Diego. The company owns and provides BELVIQ, a drug which is used by adults to treat chronic weight issues. It also is the developer of programs in the field of cardiology, neuroscience and etc.

TrueCar Inc. on the other hand saw a slight increase in the market. They saw an incline of 2.99% which made its shares to be traded at a price of $6.89.

The incline could be due to the consumer preference for buying a car in the month of July. The company conducted a research and analysis that showed that customers prefer to do their car buying in July since they get the best deals in sports car. July is the month which yields the largest percentage discount off MSRP also.

TrueCar is a company that deals with providing information about the prices for both new and used cars. It provides its customers with information such as what is the upfront payment that has to be given and what others have previously paid for a desired car. It is currently based in Santa Monica and over the span of years have expanded their network to include nine thousand automobile dealers in the United States of America.

Iron Mountain Incorporated suffered the same fate as TrueCar. The company faced a loss at the market of -2.45% and closed off its trading session by trading its share at a price of at $29.91.

This is surprising since the company recently posted information on its investor page regarding the road show that occurred. The presentation provides information on the current program the company is working on.

Iron Mountain Incorporated is an old company which is a known name in the enterprise information management industry. The company deals in Data backup, management services, information destruction and recovery services. It has customers mostly in Latin America, Europe, Asia and North America. Founded in 1951, it has its headquarters in Boston.


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